Monday, April 03, 2006


Today I:
  • had a coffee and a sticky bun from Lulu's for breakfast
  • am having a Vending Machine Lunch (I know, I know. Bad.)
  • am not really functioning up to par. (In fact, I don't even think I could find my clubs. You go ahead. I'll wait here.)

I feel very, very hung over, and I didn't have anything to drink last night. I knit and I watched a movie (The Weatherman) and had dinner at the Trident Bookstore... all of which should not result in this terrible feeling. The feeling that the world is pitted against me, trying to make me miserable. More pointedly, that even though he is long dead, Benjamin Franklin hates me. I don't like you so much either, Ben. Even though you made a knifty stove.

Yarn Stuff

Look! I'm still making the same sweater! I can focus!

However, you may note that I have slightly more than half a sweater that is entirely finished. I find seaming as I go very good for knitting ADD, don't you?

And a little crocheting here and there to keep things interesting. I really need to pick up the pace on this Neapolitan Ice Cream Flower Afghan. (Terrible name, I know, but I tend to be little literal about these things.) At this rate, the colors I'm using will be expired before I am even half way through, and then what will I do? Add other flavors?
This bit is about the size of a placemat.

Yesterday, I:
  • had French onion soup and chamomile tea for dinner
  • ate a tuna fish sandwich for lunch
  • devoured a bagel with cream cheese with a soy latte for breakfast
  • had a headache all day
  • bought books


Carrie K said...

What books did you buy?

Ben Franklin hates me more.

Marsha said...

you've accomplished more than me. I've drank two cups of coffee, ate an oatmeal creme pie and web surfed for about three hours straight. Still in my pajamas.

Jeanette said...

What you can do is instead of having a neopolitan blanket you can have neopolitan placemates. Then when you run out of colors you can stop and still have finished objects (granted they would be fairly useless, but that is a different issue entirely)

Christine said...

I bought a book on tea and the current issue of Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, so I guess I really only bought one book.

I'm considering knitting some I-cord ties and just making it into a bonnet. What do you think?

wenders said...

Must learn to crochet - I love your blanket in progress. :)

heather said...

Great work on the sweater! Love the neopolitan colors, adding cherries would be going just a bit too far possibly... ;-)

Lissy said...

I don't understand the reference to Ben, but remind me to tell you my semi-amusing Ben Franklin story that tickles me to death cuz I amuse myself much more than my listeners. I love the afghan. It's yummy.

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope you mend well.

Lissy said...

I like Jeanette's idea, but I would take it a step farther. Make placemats and then when you're done, sew them together to make an afghan! Aren't I brilliant? Heeee.