Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A, B, C, D.....F?

Today I:

  • took in a small quantity of tan food with much syrup along with a cup of hot liquid containing a ball of organic trimmings first thing in the morning
  • am avoiding a particular sign found in words (for "fun")
  • will probably bring about mild insanity in all humans who scan this blog

So. This is what occurs if my work spawns poor stimulation: an adamant pursuit by my anxious brain to supply an apt substitution, possibly concluding in absurdity.

I admit this task is awkward. Writing anything which occurs in a past hour or day is difficult, obviously.


Today I wish to acquaint you with the notion of Ghost Buildings. This photo is of a Ghost Building I hark daily during my walk to work.

What was this building? I think as I pass it. I am highly caught up in social history in how it can touch things such as utilitarian family and individual apparatus and urban fabric. I find I think upon such conundrums now and again.

This is all for today. My brain is starting to hurt.

Last night, I:

  • took in a faux cow product sandwich with tofu garnish and found it good.
  • drank two glass units of alcohol with pop-off caps
  • was fabricating afghan units with a hook

Modification: It is crazy-making that I cannot allow posts to go up right now owing to the company which supports this blog's rampant faults!


bitterknitter said...

What a fun thing to do! I too find ghost buildings intriguing...I'm always curious as to what it was and why it was torn down.

wenders said...

This gives me a headache. I am wicked impressed.

AND, I like ghost buildings, too.

Jeanette said...

Did not know that such buildings had a nom. Trying to impart a communication without that symbol if truly a difficult task, though it looks not hard as I drink in your (and B.Ks.) words.

Christine said...

I would mostly concur. Anyway, communicating various notions such as tan grain products in syrup do put forward surprising hardship. Luckily, I know of dictionary.com

Carrie K said...

It wasn't easy to edit either, let me tell you. But you done excellent!

Ghost buildings. Nicely put.