Friday, July 07, 2006

Very Apropos


Titine24 said...

How beautiful that photograph is! Did you just happen to come upon it? Did you create it with the addition of a squashed lettuce leaf from your lunch?

I am guessing that this is a pavement enhancement put in where a historical garden market had been, and someone's lunch just happened to drop a leaf on the original site.

I may want to order a print of this to frame and hang in my kitchen. It is too profound not to have a copy of.

Would you mind blogging about whether your June diet resulted in any weight loss? You were so dedicated, it would be a shame if you didn't have a side benefit as well.

Carrie K said...

It is? I don't understand. (I don't mind being thick. I'm used to it.)

Architecture is a lovely business, don't you think?

Lissy said...

I have lived in the North End for the entirety of the Big Dig. For those not in the know, this is a sculpture created by a local artist (with whom my boyfriend attended school at the Museum of Fine Arts). I was there the day they started ripping it out of the ground and I was desperately unhappy about its uncertain faith (though the workers assured me it would be replaced when the Dig was done).

I was so pleased to see it returned several months ago. My boyfriend saved me an article from either the Globe or Herald about the piece, which apparently was enhanced and updated to include artifacts that reflect current times, including, I believe, a squashed cell phone.

This piece of art resides at the location in Boston known as Haymarket, and it is indeed a still-thriving farmers' market. Haymarket itself was endangered by the Big Dig, but people like Joe Matera of the Haymarket Association fought to keep the sanctity of Haymarket and it still remains unchanged, or if you're really observant, enhanced by the larger space and the addition of a separate road for delivery trucks.

Good to share that with folks in the blogosphere. Glad to know that my 16 years living in the same tiny apartment have served me well in some ways.

And by the way, BRILLIANT pic!