Monday, July 03, 2006


Alas! I had my first unsubscriber today. This event marks a momentous occasion for Crisis of Praxis, a kind of coming of age that parallels having a beau in kindergarten for two days before he jilts you for the girl with the fruit roll-ups in her lunch box instead of apple granola bars.

Live and learn, live and learn.

For those of you who are still soldiering through my compulsive re-publishing and my meandering posts, here are some swirly chocolate chip cookies. (Don't worry; they're vegan.)


heather said...

Ah, it is never the girl with the fruit rollups that keeps the guy. She gets trumped by the girl with the least that was the case in my elementary school.

Great cookie pic!

Carrie K said...

No explanation, no fight, just out of the blue? So annoying.

How exactly does one make vegan chocolate chip cookies?

Kelly said...

Yum, vegan cookies. I like the new look of you blog.