Friday, July 07, 2006

Thinking again, it seems

Today I:
  • had an onion bagel with fake cream cheese for breakfast
  • am drinking Earl Grey
  • am thinking a lot about architecture
  • think that is a bad trend, not to be encouraged

There are three magazines I buy on a regular basis: Metropolis, dwell, and Period House.

I once asked an instructor of mine what magazine I should subscribe to if I had to pick only one, and he said Metropolis because not only is it cheap, it delves into interior design and culture as well. So that is why I read that.

I read dwell because it's essentially another version of Metropolis, offering almost exactly the same thing.

Period House (which does not seem to have a website I could easily Google) is a light antidote to the first two magazines, which like most architecture magazines these days are heavy inclined to what I term the Neo-Modernist aesthetic. Period House is a UK publication that costs me almost as much as dwell and Metropolis combined. I don't consider it a "serious" architectural magazine - it's audience isn't explicitly designers - I think of it as rather more of an interior design magazine for homeowners. So why am I doling out the cash?

Because it showcases reader's period houses - Tudors and 13th century French townhouses - with excellent photographs and descriptions of the remodeling. There is an Ask the Expert section in the back where readers write in about their thatching, etc. It covers the things, basically, that I can't get enough of, and that mainstream architecture magazines often fail to address: The Old.

And everything gets old.

Yesterday, I:
  • may have had breakfast... I can't remember
  • had a bag of chips for lunch (%#&#!)
  • ate an eggplant parmesan sub for dinner (not vegan) with a Peroni


Jeanette said...

What, no Architectural Digest? ;-) Does thinking about architecture make you start re-assessing your desire not to be an architect?

Christine said...

Yes. Dangerously.

And I think AD is glitzy schlock. It makes my teeth hurt.

Christine said...

And AD is an ID magazine. It says so on the cover.

(Boy, you really hit a nerve with that one, eh?)

Christine said...

I figured out what bothers me about AD. It's that it's the magazine version of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.