Monday, July 17, 2006

Wherein I realize I do not like all Japanese food

Today I:

A brick facade on Mass. Ave. near the Central stop. They really don't make them like they used to, you know? That is, when they could afford it.

Yesterday, I:


Jeanette said...

The brick facade is beautiful. I am continually amazed at the attention to detail contained on old buildings. Even the ones built on a budget seem to have more character than most modern buildings, imo

Lissy said...

i like the dress and feel hopeful that I could do something similar without a sewing machine. Can you bring the dress either Wed. or Thurs. night so that I can see the elastic bit up close? Congratulations on a refashioning triumph!

wenders said...

How was the exhibit? I want to go, soon!

heather said...

Wow, bricks can be something other than a rectangular solid - weird! Love the dress - v. appropriate with the heat of earlier this week.