Thursday, July 06, 2006

A long list that will probably annoy you

I don't have much original to say today, so I'm going to do one of these:

100 Things About Me

  1. I don't watch TV
  2. When I did watch TV, I was completely obsessed with PBS.
  3. I choose not to drive for environmental and pragmatic reasons.
  4. I only miss owning a car when I need to move.
  5. I've been pseudo-vegetarian since high school.
  6. I've squatted.
  7. When I was squatting, I called myself an opportunivore, because I would eat what opportunity presented.
  8. I only miss squatting during rent week.
  9. I was in Seattle for the WTO protest in '99.
  10. It was the best and worst time in my life.
  11. I don't like Seattle.
  12. I don't like Philly.
  13. I am allergic to smog, and a kind of mold found only around Philly.
  14. I coughed for the 5 years I lived in Philly until I moved to Boston and got some antibiotics.
  15. I have no other allergies, except for perfume and cigarettes.
  16. I came the East Coast for the first time without any money or a place to live.
  17. I was also on antibiotics that I got in South Carolina for a bad case of bronchitis from second hand smoke exposure during the trip.
  18. I hate East Coast weather.
  19. I don't hate snow, but I do think it should just be visited.
  20. I've been attacked by dingos.
  21. I survived, obviously, but the incident pissed me off.
  22. I lived in the South Pacific for four summers and a semester of high school.
  23. Come to think of it, I'm allergic to mosquitos, particularly those found in the South Pacific.
  24. I am completely disillusioned about tropical paradises.
  25. I went to a Catholic school (complete with Irish nuns) in the South Pacific for a semester of my Junior year of high school.
  26. I had never read the New Testament before then.
  27. I was completely shocked to discover that it's the same story told over and over again.
  28. I was raised secular Christian. (Christmas = Santa Claus, Easter= Easter Bunny, etc.)
  29. My first exposure to religion was a New Age form of Hinduism.
  30. I am not religious, or even spiritual.
  31. I greatly enjoy speculative fiction, nonetheless.
  32. I've been trying to write a fantasy novel for about ten years.
  33. I suspect I lack focus.
  34. I hate okra and spicy food.
  35. Wasabi is the exception.
  36. I have a weakness for anything Asian, esp. Japanese.
  37. I studied Mandarin for a year and a half.
  38. I probably should have taken Japanese.
  39. I really enjoyed it - it helped me deal with the stress of studying architecture.
  40. I am not an architect, I am an architectural intern, which means I have no degree or license.
  41. I probably won't become an architect.
  42. My financial aid is hopelessly screwed, and my family can't afford to pay my tuition.
  43. Neither can I.
  44. I have nine half siblings.
  45. Both of my parents are currently interracially married.
  46. I am paranoid of Filipino food.
  47. I almost ate a beef and pig's blood dish at my mom's in-laws once.
  48. I accidentally ate dog at a Filippino party in the South Pacific when I was twelve.
  49. My dad told me afterwards.
  50. It really did taste like chicken.
  51. I generally get along with my dad.
  52. I've been to the Southwestermost point of any US territory/state.
  53. It gave me vertigo.
  54. I've been coconut crab hunting.
  55. I don't like Samoan food.
  56. I'm mostly immune to Poison Oak.
  57. I had to learn to swim when I was five with the rest of my kindergarten class because we lived by the ocean.
  58. I couldn't master the breaststroke at five because I was not strong enough.
  59. I never bothered to ever really learn it since.
  60. I've been snorkeling a lot in the South Pacific.
  61. I thought it was pretty boring for the most part, except for that time I stepped on a sea cucumber, and the occasional shark.
  62. There was only one trip to and from the South Pacific that I actually had somebody with me.
  63. The last time I went I was seventeen.
  64. I have no desire to return.
  65. I wasn't allowed to answer the phone or go anywhere by myself between the ages of seven and ten because of kidnapping threats.
  66. The guy making the threats was my dad's girlfriend's ex-husband.
  67. One of my most memorable childhood experiences was being shown how to use a shotgun because I was going to be left home for an hour by myself.
  68. I've always thought my dad had lousy taste in women.
  69. I developed my theories on relationships from watching my parents - mostly I was looking for what not to do.
  70. The same could be said of one of my older brothers in a more general sense.
  71. I've been living with and dating the same guy for almost six years.
  72. I would never marry anyone for sentimental reasons.
  73. I can't play any instrument.
  74. I also can't sing.
  75. I am self-taught in art.
  76. Art runs in my family, coming up about as often as left-handedness.
  77. I have never been on a diet that restricts how much I can eat in my life.
  78. I am not athletic.
  79. I think sports are a waste of time and energy.
  80. I don't own a cell phone.
  81. I don't own an iPod.
  82. I don't own a laptop, but wish I did.
  83. I have radical views on politics.
  84. I think a person's political beliefs are tied deeply into their worldview, etc., almost like religion.
  85. I generally don't talk politics because of this.
  86. I rarely discuss my views on religion for the same reason.
  87. I like to get along with people whatever their stance on things.
  88. I think dichotomies can be very harmful.
  89. Which doesn't mean I won't think somebody's ideas aren't full of short-sighted shit.
  90. I have a hard streak.
  91. But I am generally pretty tolerant.
  92. I think I'm like this because my family memebers tend to behave like they're batshit sometimes, and I have to reason out their behavior while trying not to hate them for it.
  93. People frequently tell me I should write a book of my life because of so many bizarre occurances.
  94. I think life is inherently weird, not just mine.
  95. I have no idea why I am so into knitting socks.
  96. I learned to knit from books.
  97. I read often.
  98. I went to a Montessori school between the ages of two and five.
  99. I could read by the time I was four because of that.
  100. I think I may want to be a writer.


wenders said...

I went to Montessori school, too. I love okra. LOVE it. I don't think dichotomies work, either, but wouldn't be willing to be in a polyamourous relationship. And I think everyone's lives are interesting. Isn't that what blogging gets at?

Christine said...

Where'd that bit about polyamorous relationships come in? Did I talk about that and not know it? (raised eyebrows and amused expression)

Christine said...

Ok, if "normal" relationships are dichotomies... Well, I still think it's not good. I liek to think my relationship is happily abnormal.

Jeanette said...

Interesting long list. I don't think I could do one of those things. there aren't 100 unusual/interesting things about me.

Carrie K said...

What are the sentimental reasons to get married? Just curious.

Squatting? As in, moving into abandoned whatever?

Politically, what annoys me is people lockstepping into an opinion without giving it an actual thought of their own.

Lissy said...

I've squatted in many exotic places, but not in the same sense that you have. Ask me about the time I had to squat in the Judean desert -- or did I already?

Good to get to know you better. Saves me from having to ask you a lot of annoying questions.