Monday, July 03, 2006

Why am I at work?

Today I:

  • skipped breakfast. Urg.
  • am drinking Earl Grey tea
  • am considering drawing the teacup because there is nothing else to do here

Obviously, I am a foolish masochist, because I am sitting in a very quiet studio with about five other people with about as much hope as me in finding anything worthwhile to fill the time. The printers are down, being recalibrated; the copy service is absent, and I suspect that if I did get something copied and couriered out that there would be no one to receive it on the other end.

So let's talk about my dreams instead. Last night I dreamt I was explaining to some dude in detail about D-traps. I was sketching it on a napkin for him. I believe it was on a pan water closet, and I am pretty certain I got everything right about how it works except perhaps that I had a D-trap attached to an S-trap. (Hey, it was dream. I am allowed that slack.)

Yep. There were no mermen in this dream. Just plumbing lessons.

Sometimes I dream crazy architecture, or interior design. Occasionally I dream in remedial Chinese, always remembering more of it in the dream than I do when I am awake. (Although in my dreams, the characters are usually wrong.) The conversations in my dreams aren't very interesting because I know only about 500 Chinese words. That may sound like a lot but really it's just enough to introduce yourself, say how many siblings you have, and ask for the bathroom. Sometimes I dream of the coffeehouse in my home town as if it were a beatnik Nirvana.

Presently, I am dreaming of a laser printer that is on line.

Last night, I:

  • forgot to have dinner. The end of the June diet is already corrupting me.
  • drank a beer
  • knit


wenders said...

You're not alone. I'm going nuts. ;)

Carrie K said...

I see you've incorporated the history of sanitation firmly into your subconcious.

I know why I'm at work. I have to type up two letters and assemble some amended returns. The question is, why am I doing them so slowly & playing on the net between instead of just finishing the damn things and getting out of here?

My diet is pretty consistently consisting of non nutritious items lately. I hope it's hormonal.