Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We now return to our regularly scheduled ramble/rant

Today I:

  • had a bowl of cereal with soy milk and a cup of jasmine tea for breakfast
  • had half a tuna sandwich (!) and a bag of Kettle Chips for lunch
  • am moody

I think The Bitter Knitter mentioned some time back that she had compiled a list of 101 things she wants to have done in the next year. Or something like that. A life checklist.

I could really use one of those. I feel constantly at sea, all my interests vying for attention simultaneously. It can get confusing and sometimes I end up washed up on strange shores, completely baffled. *

But I won't bore you with that today. Here's another picture of the Funky Sock in progress.

This sock is cruising along. I'm really digging the way it looks. However, if you're considering making something out of this yarn I should warn you that it is rough. I mean, my Fugly Socks, which are made out of Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, are softer than this. Not exactly merino, and not exactly itch-free, folks. More like twine. But it looks cool, and I have a high tolerance for itch.

This isn't the only knitting I have going on right now, of course. I'm making a couple things for my SP8 and I'm knitting two tank tops...

Yesterday, I:
  • had toaster waffles with an inadequate amount of syrup and tea for breakfast
  • ate the dreaded Vending Machine Lunch
  • regretted it
  • had cold miso soup for dinner
  • ate a piece of peanut butter chocolate
  • read some more from Collapse (the Norse were in Greenland for 500 years...?!?)
  • ranted about how crappy my life is that I'm getting a 2yr. degree in 4 yrs.
  • drank a lot of water
  • had a salad

*With sewage all around me. I bought an awesome book this weekend on Wastewater Treatment Systems.


Jeanette said...

Sock is looking good!

Lissy said...

I love your iconoclastic, endearingly nerdy taste in books!

The funky sock looks like something Archie, the comic strip character, would wear. Makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I read those comics like mad when I was a kid cuz my older brother collected them. Are you a Betty or a Veronica? I'm both!

Carrie K said...

The funky sock is looking good.

Collapse? Jared Diamond? Oh. A link. I should click on it, no? Yes.

Did you finish the book on wastewater systems? Sounds interesting.

Carrie K said...

Interesting take on Greenland. You're not Christine of miribilis, are you? If not, you might enjoy her site. She picks up all sorts of articles.