Friday, January 27, 2006

Bears and Banana French Toast

Today I:

  • had leftover banana French toast for breakfast with a cup of black tea
  • had a bag of chips (courtesy of the OKC) for Second Breakfast
  • am having mushroom potstickers and coffee for lunch
  • am almost tempted to make this sweater

Re-Picking the Knitting Olympics Project

I've been cruising through free knitting pattern websites today, looking at countless sweaters, cardigans, and summer tops. I feel a little drunk on all the choices (good, bad, terribly wrong), but I think I've settled on two courses of action. I will either:

  1. buy pattern #kps221 and knit it up using some "coal" Wool of the Andes I just happen to have (20 balls)
  2. or buy this yarn from Elann in black and hope it arrives in time for me to start training for "Fleur" again.

Opinions more than welcome. In fact, quite desired. It may be insane of me to want to make a cardigan out of fingering weight yarn in 16 days. It may also be that Option #1 is not such a hot idea, either. I'm not objective right now, so I couldn't really say. Go ahead and talk me down.

Blue and Brown Baby Bobbi Bear Begun!

That's right! After a couple false starts last night, I have settled on a needle size and have almost finished Bobbi's body. As you can no doubt vividly see, Bobbi is of the blue persuasion. I didn't have any cotton yarn, but Jeannette saved the day by generously donating a ball of the infamous, discontinued Electric Blue Cotton Ease. ("Electric Blue" may not, in actuality, be name of the color, but I think it will suffice for now.)I would never wear this color, but I don't seem to mind knitting in it, esp. when I already have a brown cardigan planned for it sporting a cute little blue star button I found at Windsor Button. You can see it in the bottom right of the photo. (A Bobbi Bear sweater was Jeannette's idea; I shamelessly lifted it.)

I'm trying to pace myself with this project, but it isn't easy. Cotton is so soft, the pattern so simple, the yarn so blue, I can barely help myself. I came home from the South Street Diner last night around midnight and knitted a couple more rows, it's that good. Which reminds me...

People of Boston, why do you hate me?

Why were you holding out on me about this diner? Didn't you know I've been going all the way to Davis Square for diner food? That I've really been feeling the lack of a midnight haunt? Just thinking about having lived in Boston for a year without knowing this place existed has me feeling queasy. All this time, I have been staying in, going to bed early, going to Bova's for eclairs at 2 am, even embarking on pointless walks along the harbor in the rain to fulfill my nocturnal urges. All the while, this 24 hour diner has been a fifteen minute walk from my apartment.

Life here is never going to be the same.

Last night, I:

  • had banana French Toast with a vanilla frappe
  • ate hashbrowns and a tofu dog for diner
  • had a fat brownie, courtesy of the OKC


Jeanette said...

My bus goes by that diner daily. I had no clue that you were looking for one. Also, you are forgiven for lifting my sweater idea since you credited me for it :)

bitterknitter said...

D and I have eaten at the South Street Diner a couple of times! The food makes me a bit queasy every time, but we always get the urge to go back.

I'd go with option 2 over option 1, but surely there must be an amazing cardigan pattern out there that will use Wool of the Andes?

I might cast on for BBB this weekend, it only seems right to have another project on the needles! I'll at least swatch to see if I need to go buy needles.

JennyRaye said...

I've had my eye on the summer cardigan, as well. That would be my choice.

About FLAK--I haven't started on the back either. I have a couple of projects I need to finish before next weekend. One is a pair of socks that I'm about to kitchener. The other is a quick baby sweater. I'm hoping to get the knitting on that done today. So don't worry about being behind--I think everyone is at different steps in the process. That's good. The sprinters will work out all the kinks for the rest of us!

Lissy said...

what is OKC and also, please be careful walking to that diner in the middle of the night. the big dig makes that walk dangerous and easy mugging territory. (do i sound like a jewish mother? it's in my blood, I guess.)

Jonathan said...