Monday, January 30, 2006

The Idiocy Continues

I made a lot of FLAK progress tonight. See?

Half an inch, you say? What's so impressive about that?

Well, look at the photo from the last post and you'll see something else has been changed.
That's right! I flipped around the wrong saddle before, and tonight I frogged the entire back (3/4", oh boy!) and fixed it. Then I knit about 14 rows of the pattern.

Hopefully things will go a bit smoother with this sweater from here on out. My plan is to get the armhole length before the Knitting Olympics. Now that I am making more progress getting stitches on the needles, versus getting them off the needles, this may actually happen. This whole fix-it process took me a movie and a half (with distractions) so I have a pretty good idea of my speed with these cables now. (Read: slow)

Knitting Rate

I was thinking quite a bit about this today, what with a timed, endurance knit coming up. It occurs to me that if I get a relative idea of my Realistic Knitting Rate - that is, how fast I knit a basic stitch like stockinette in the context of my typical knitting environment, my apartment - I'll be better able to choose a Knitting Olympics project that fits me. So, taking into consideration trips to the bathroom, coffee refills, breaks to stir dinner, acknowledge the presence of my boyfriend/partner/whatnot, and deflect the various, imaginative attentions of my cat, I do about 20s a minute. (I base this upon my cable-knitting speed, which is about 10s a minute. I noticed it close to tripled on the "knit as set" rows.)

The verdict: I am definitely not making "Fleur" for the Knitting Olympics. It's fingering weight, and would take me an hour an inch on the back side. I'm not even going to calculate how long the entire cardigan would take - I'll just save this project for a time when I can, well, overlook how much time it will take. Plus, I don't know where to get the beads.

I could make a worsted weight or even DK weight sweater, provided it's not too fiddly, and I don't screw up too much.

Isn't that good to know?


bitterknitter said...

I did a similar mental calculation to see if my Olympic Project would be doable. I know that it takes about 10 minutes to do a row and I need to knit 60ish. Plus all the other stuff that has to happen, I'm estimating the time to fix the sweater at 25 hours + drying time (2-3 days). Just managing my time will be a challenge worthy of the Olympics!

Your sweater looks nice, I love the color!

Leisel said...

LOL... I'm not alone!

I did a lot of such maths to decide what to make for my Olympic Knitting project, too. I didn't go by stitches per minute, though... I went by average stitches per day.

I won't mention how much possible knitting time I wasted figuring out (roughly) how many stitches each of my possible projects had, so that I could choose between them.