Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I am so busy, I don't even know it

Today I:

  • had a cup of soy yogurt and black tea with rice milk for breakfast
  • am having mushroom potstickers for lunch
  • am posting a gratuitous cat photo (Isn't he cute? This is his Dr. Jekyll side.)
Ever feel like you are knitting in circles? Not just making a hat or something, but just not getting anywhere? I've been feeling like that lately. I have all this yarn and plans and whatnot, and very little to show for it.

I'm not even at the half-way mark yet with anything I have cast on, except for another pair of aquamarine Lamb's Pride Super wash socks. I am have the back done for a raglan cardigan from Campus Hand Knits, and I've started both sleeves. I'm swatching for FLAK, and I'm going to make "Fleur" from Rowan Vintage Style for the Knitting Olympics. I'm perpetually knitting and ripping out a wristwarmer. I have several socks cast on, and the Fugly socks stuffed in a basket out of sight in the hope that I will forget about it.

I'm blaming the holidays for this. There is valuable knitting time lost during the holidays, when people think you are supposed to be talking to them, watching the kids unwrap their presents, eating, for goodness sakes! Not to mention the travel nausea. Really, let's not talk about that and what it does to the desire to knit, much less live.

The holidays are also the time of Massive Quanities of Small Projects Which You Will Never See Again. In the past three months, I have knit 8 hats, 1 pair of wristwarmers, 1 pair of fingerless gloves, 5 scarves, 2 flower brooches, 2 pairs of socks and a washcloth. I kept the washcloth, a hat, and a scarf. Sure, there's satisfaction in making the small objects, and even a little bit (sometimes) in giving them away, esp. if you can see the person's reaction to it, but most of my family lives 2000 miles away. I have to eek out my satisfaction in a job well done via email or over the phone. (Which reminds me: My mom still hasn't said anything about her socks, not even "They came in the mail yesterday." Urgh. Maybe I'll call her Mother's Day and ask what happened.)

Maybe twenty small objects in three months sounds like a lot of FOs to have knit, and you think I should be satisfied, but twenty FOs should be seriously cluttering my apartment, let me tell you. What's actually cluttering my apartment - aside from books, mail, and clothes - is WIPs and WII. (Works In Imagination, i.e. yarn stashed for future projects) At the rate I'm going, I'll need a private supernatural workforce to get this stuff knitted up any time soon. Which is not a bad idea, really. Maybe if I put out a bowl of milk the elves will come. Do you think they prefer soy or rice milk?

Last night, I:

  • ate a leftover eggplant parmesan sub for dinner with a beer
  • went to Chinese class
  • worked on my FLAK cable swatch


bitterknitter said...

I keep casting on for new projects and wondering why nothing is getting finished! Yet I'm still planning new projects and was thinking about casting on this weekend for one or two more things! Maybe I'll finish something instead.

Lissy said...

Adorable kitty.