Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Contenders

Today I:
  • had a bit of toast for breakfast
  • had a banana for Second Breakfast
  • just ate two bean and rice burritos
  • skipped out on a free pizza lunch
  • am being a very good girl
I've been thinking about the Knitting Olympics. It certainly is a good opportunity to gauge one's abilities (and just how much balls and/or bluster one may have about knitting projects.) I think, for the sake of sanity, that I will try to underestimate myself.

This means I will not:

  1. attempt a project translated from another language that has more than one page of charts;
  2. attempt to knit my FLAK cardigan;
  3. use needles smaller than US #1;
  4. attempt a project I do not already have the necessary supplies for. (To avoid the Waiting Stress.)

However, in the interest of, well, keeping it interesting, I will not:

  1. attempt small projects like plain hats, scarves, mittens, wristwarmers, or bulky socks, since I know I could easily knit them from start to end in one drunken weekend.

What does this leave me with?

Well, why don't we take a look at The Stash and see?

Top Drawer

Mostly WIPs and FOs and a skein of Blue Surf Malabrigo yarn, apparently. That's going to be a hat, so let's move on.

Second Drawer
I seem to have acquired some sock yarn. Socks are a possibility. I could make a pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks or something. Never mind I have four pairs of socks on the needles right now.

Yikes! This is where my boyfriend/partner/whatnot (aka Joe) comes home, aborting my pictures. For all our sakes, I think it would be best if he doesn't get a realistic idea of just how much yarn I really have. I mean, he knows I have two of these plastic drawer units, but seeing balls of yarn tidily tucked away behind semi-transparent drawer fronts is very different from seeing them paraded out, one by one, to cover every available flat surface in sight. So, act natural, and move on. (Even though I know you can see those two skeins of red Catalina alpaca in my drawer. Ignore it. It's a scarf. Really. And that other alpaca, in black, that's gloves.)

But come to think of it, I could make gloves. I've been having problems making a pair that fits right, so that could be the answer.

Of course, I have a lot of sweater yarn, too. Hmm.

More on that later.

Last night, I:

  • had tater tots and a tofu dog for dinner
  • chugged some rice milk
  • got a blog button tutorial after S'nB from The Bitter Knitter
  • had a bag of chips and a coffee with soy milk
  • wound a ball of Vesper yarn

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