Monday, January 23, 2006

I Guess This Is New England

Today I:

  • had weird flavored coffee for breakfast
  • didn't have weird flavored cereal for breakfast... at least, not after the second bite
  • have a laundry date
  • trudged to work through the snow

It's snowing again. Again. Just as I had been lulled into thinking, however irrationally, that spring had come three months early. That's the Californian in me. I'm utterly convinced that winters should remain mild, lots of rain and mud and the occasional 60 degree F day with bright, overcast skies. Perfect for a beach picnic with some merlot, a wedge of brie and a fresh bagette. Right? I could go for that now. But there's the little issue of all this snow.

Maybe I should look at the bright side of this. Walking to and from work is great exercise, esp. when it is through about 4+ inches of snow in a gale, right? And it builds character, or so I have been told.
And I'm equipped. All this knitting has been for a reason, it isn't just compulsive industriousness. I now have an alpaca scarf, a cloche-style hat, and I would have the Voodoos, too, if my apartment hadn't swallowed them this weekend. (I can't really blame it. They are irresistible. But it is annoying. Those Voodoos weren't even technically mine.) Add the snow boots, long wool peacoat and the unseen, ever valuable long underwear I wear eight months out the year out here and you have one toasty commuter. A bit like a slightly damp powdered donut at the final destination, but still pretty much dry inside and good to go if left by the heater a little while. I suppose there are worse things to be.

Last night, I:

  • had lobster ravioli with bread and a Heifeweizen at the Green Dragon
  • read some more of This Rough Magic
  • rediscovered my childhood knack of making two chairs into a comfortable settee


Di said...

Wow- you have snow at the moment! We have searing heat and bush fires down here in Australia right now... Snow sounds divine!

wenders said...

I love winter. Love it. Hate the part of the walk that is near Fanuiel Hall, as I am sure I am going to slip into oncoming traffic. :)