Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today I:
  • had tater tots and coffee for breakfast
  • ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Coolidge Corner where they did not speak Mandarin to each other
  • was too hungry and cold to be vexed by this
  • wore the wristwarmers I made for my niece
  • realized I need to make myself a pair
  • finished off the carton of green tea soy ice cream
  • was astonished by the number of people curious about a soap cat

Really. I had 35 hits on a Saturday, which is just about my total for the work week. I'm so aghast I'm surprised I'm mentioning it, or the fact that I like the attention enough to point out that there will be a soap hand up sometime next weekend, hint hint. Thankfully, I was planning to do that anyway.

So that this post won't just be about that, here's cartoon I drew about six years ago, when I had a lot of time and creativity floating around in my life:

You should be able to click on it for an enlargement.

I doodled quite bit back then, and cartoons were often the result. Nothing much came of it except a couple appearances in a now defunct local scenester magazine and one 'zine called The Usual. Nothing much came of it basically because I wasn't very motivated. I printed less than twenty copies of The Usual. Nevertheless, something uncanny happened with it. I was living in rural California at the time and one of my acquaintances moved to New York and wrote me that she was sitting in a coffeehouse, picked up her coffee, and saw one of my cartoons staring up at her. It really threw her for a loop, as it did me.

Last night, I:

  • had fresh cheese-filled pasta with pesto for dinner
  • washed it down with two Old Brown Dog Ales
  • saw Psycho and The Children of the Corn for the first time

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