Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's Mine! Mine! Bwah haha!

Today I:

  • went to work
  • had a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee first
  • am having a slice of brushetta pizza and a bag of Kettle chips for lunch
  • am a greedy knitter

Right before S'nB last night I finished this hat.

I've made seven hats in the past three months, and it's starting to feel a bit ridiculous. I need to move on. Seven socks, maybe. Seven mittens. I could hold my head up about that. But hats? Oy.

Well, at least it's not seven scarves.

Edit: I've actually made eight hats.

Pattern: "Gala" from Rowan #36... again. It's nice pattern, even though I keep changing it.

Size: one size

Yarn: Black Lion Brand Homespun, sewn together with a strand of black Lamb's Pride Super Wash.

Modifications: I did a provisional cast-on for the band and instead of overlapping the ends, I sewed it closed with the kitchener stitch using some Lamb's Pride Super Wash. I put the button over the seam, instead of to the side.

The pattern calls for two strands of yarn (one of them Kid Silk Haze, I believe) - neither of which include synthetics like Lion Brand Homespun, yet oddly enough, it works out pretty well, even if I do say so myself. I liked my wine colored Homespun "Gala" so much I decided to make myself a black one - to match most of my clothes - and I bought a knifty black horn button for an arm and a leg at Windsor Button as garnish. (The button is what makes or breaks this hat.) I was all set to make it up for myself sometime, but then I remembered how I needed to make something black for one of my nieces, so I made the hat for her instead.

Or did I?

I haven't decided. Last night I considered 1) cutting the button off and hastily substituting something I wanted less, 2) in the event that I don't have a button to use, sending the hat to her, sans any button at all, 3) toughening up and sending her the hat as is, with the intention of making myself an exact replica with the remaining yarn, or 4) making her a pair of Voodoo wrist warmers while pretending there never was a hat in the first place.

Don't wrist warmers sound good? I could use a pair, myself.

Oh no.

Last night, I:

  • had a bag of chips, two pieces of Terroni, and the leftover vegan mac & cheese with soybeans for dinner.
  • finished yet another Ellery Queen mystery
  • debated starting another one (I've only read four this week. Is that too many?)
  • nearly finished my black alpaca basketweave scarf. Nearly!


Jeanette said...

It seems to me that you have to keep the hat for yourself. You love the button. She won't appreciate it nearly as much, and voodoo will be perfectly accetible, wrist warmers are nice.

bitterknitter said...

I think you might need some voodoo for yourself. They are super fast to knit up so you could make some for both of you.

I vote for keep the hat, it is perfect for you!

Lissy said...

The hat is lovely. And after having made 7 and given them away, you're entitled to keep the eighth. Especiall since you love the button so much. Life a little.