Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Today I:

  • took a sick day
  • had cereal and coffee for breakfast
  • had vegan mac & cheese with soybeans for lunch
  • drank more coffee
  • thought about things

The things I'm thinking about, to be a bit more specific, are about school. I have pretty much decided I'm not going back to my former school situation; nobody should have to work full-time while taking four night classes, esp. if they major in architecture, aka The Life Drain. I also have an artistic temperament, so it's a wonder I haven't really flipped out yet.

Well, maybe dropping out would be considered flipping out to some, but I call it Exploring New Venues.

There are a lot of venues.

Aquamarine Socks

They really are aquamarine, don't trust this photo.

Pattern: The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

Size: about woman's 8-8 1/2, which is unfortunate, since I am a 7 1/2

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Super Wash in Aquamarine (Color SW155)

Modifications: I used the Dutch Heel instructions from Knitting Vintage Socks instead of the one prescribed.

The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns' idea of leg shaping is going up a needle size, and then half way to the ankle, switching over the correct size, which is what foiled me. My gauge was horribly off. Technically, I could wear these socks, but I hate not having a perfectly snug heel, esp. when it's a Dutch Heel. It's rather unfortunate, since these socks were my reward project for finishing the Bed Socks for my mom. The aquamarine is beautiful and the yarn is fuzzy-soft and machine washable and drat! I'm mailing them to Sibling #1, who has slightly bigger feet than me and is probably the only one of my five sisters who would wear aquamarine socks. Lucky her.

Saturday's Thrifting Booty

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but one thing happened after another, crowding any such a scheme totally out.

Don't you want to know how much the above cost me? I'm dying to tell you. Including the three paperbacks bought and a large green bowl, rounded up to the nearest dollar, it was (drum roll):


Tee hee!

Last night, I:

  • maybe had dinner. Did I?
  • had a bowl of cream of broccoli soup for lunch, and a coffee
  • knit, knit, knit
  • emailed the death notice of my current educational track to my relatives

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saleknitter said...

Hi...Lovely socks! I joined the Follow the Leader Aran Knitalong and I'm thinking of using Lamb's Pride Super Wash yarn. Have you had any experince knitting cables with this yarn? Thanks.