Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today I:

  • had cereal yet again.. but barely touched my coffee (weird flavored stuff)
  • forgot to bring lunch
  • don't like going outside in the snow/rain
  • ate only a banana for lunch

I was just looking at my site meter and it's odd how traffic here spiked when I put in the Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities. Really. Maybe I should knit conjoined twins or bloated intestines or something and really get popular.

I think not.

It's hard to wear those kind of things.

Party Animal

I stayed home for New Year's. This is a result of my generally lackluster feelings about holidays. What is being celebrated? A party? A digit? I just don't get it. I knitted, read, and watched a couple videos.

The Year 2005 in Brief
(Keep in mind as you read this that at my review at work the word "cheerful" was used in describing my demeanor. I call that funny!)

January: Moved to Dorchester from Philadelphia - kind of like being bumped up a level of Hell for good behavior. Broke, no heat, exploitive rent, awkward if impossible transportation, dysfunctional roommates of legendary proportions and a stressed out boyfriend.

February: All of the above, plus a job and school. Five hours sleep a night, window falls out during a snowstorm. Boyfriend starts violin-making school and gets a barista job.

March: All of the above, plus boyfriend's relentless unhappiness with his job, living situation, weather. Not feeling too hot about it, either. He finally gets a job at school.

April: Not so cold.

May: Planning mutiny. Semester over.

June: Abandon ship. Beg money from relatives and move to the North End. Avoid school.

July: Get to listen to boyfriend constantly complain about parades.

August: Is it hot, or is it just me?

September: Avoid school. Think I should have stayed in California.

October: Maybe Boston isn't so bad, but school is. So is work. Start a knitting blog.

November: Join Stitch 'n Bitch in an effort to not become completely introverted. Start to have a little fun. Skip out on Thanksgiving with "relatives". Considering transferring to art school.

December: Convinced I either need to 1) quit my job, 2) quit school, or 3) all of the above. Former instructor talks me down. Looking for new job.

Yesterday, I:
  • had tater tots and tofu dogs for breakfast
  • realized I'm 10 lbs overweight and half my clothes don't fit me
  • burnt a hole in the tablecloth with my clothes iron
  • started the second sock to go with the one I made too big (Symmetry in all things!)
  • went to the Green Dragon with Joe, where I got to do the complaining for a change
  • had fish and chips and an Irish coffee for dinner
  • ate half a pomegranite for dessert
  • started another Ellery Queen mystery
  • fantasized about a thrifting entry
  • watched Reign of Fire again. What can I say?

Next time:

Thrifting 101

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ZantiMissKnit said...

Hmmmm . . .I didn't take a picture of me on New Year's Eve, but if I did, it would have been a lot like yours (cat included!). I knitted, watched movies, kissed my husband, went to bed.

Love your blog, btw. I may have to go to the North End SnB sometime just to meet up with you!