Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3

Right Front Begun

About 8 hours

At this point, this yarn is a blend - 99% black wool, 1% white Angora cat - like everything I knit.

Slowed by watching Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone, Wit, Monsoon Wedding, and Sabrina over and over, as well as eating and, of course, popping out midday to take pictures of snow:

Man skiing down Hanover, the main business street of the North End

Salem Street
Paul Revere Park
Jamieson sleeping atop the yarn for my Knitting Olympics project
Okay, I know that's not snow, but he is white.

Yesterday, I:

  • had coffee for breakfast
  • ate tater tots for lunch
  • had tofu ravioli with marinara sauce and an artichoke for diner
  • drank half a Belgian beer
  • snacked on fake cheese with crackers and avocado
  • realized I need a Plan B


Jeanette said...

He looks so cute curled up sleeping on your yarn. Kitty cuteness does make it hard to say no, doesn't it?

wenders said...

I love tater tots. LOVE them. Like with a sickness that no one should know about.

And you are BRAVE to go outside in the snow. :)

Terri said...

Hi Christine, I was in Boston last week but managed to get back to the D.C. area the day before the big storm hit. Love your snow pictures.