Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 4

Right Side

About 3 hrs.: 16 rows of 168 stitches

Tonight I expect to begin decreasing to begin the right sleeve. In this photo I have the piece folded so that you can better visualize it as a sweater, as opposed to some amorphous thing on my kitchen floor.

Knitting time slowed by watching Danny Deckchair and Harry Potter, again. I really need new movies.

I knitted my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot an intarsia scarf a couple months back, and in an effort to get it over with a soon as possible, I didn't knit it double. He said that was OK, but we're both regretting it now: the scarf curls like crazy, of course, being stockingette, and my B/P/W's alledged tolerance for a curling scarf has revealed itself to be very, very low.

He is also very stubbornly in love with this curling scarf and won't let me frog the whole thing so that I can knit it in the round. Which means I have to knit a backing to it, remove the crochet border, and sew it all together. I haven't been exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of this, since I think it may look like what is commonly termed "ass", but what am I to do?

Mom's back-up sock

I'm currently knitting three sweaters - one of which is Aran - and I have five socks on the needles right now, so of course, I have another project idea. And it's socks.

In a sly attempt to get my mom to wear the socks I knit her for Xmas, I am going to knit her a second pair for her birthday. (A second pair of socks - not a second pair of Bed Socks. I think it will be a while before I get over that k3tog every four rows thing.) Perhaps with some back-up socks she will feel that actually putting the socks on wouldn't be a desecration. I want to use Sockotta yarn again for this project, so the pattern of the sock needs to be fairly simple to deal with the business of this yarn. I haven't decided which one to use yet, and opinions are welcome.

I've looked around for a simple yet interesting sock pattern, but I haven't struck upon anything that really grabs my interest. I dimly recall seeing a pair of socks somewhere like the wavy scarf in Knitty. Maybe this was my imagination, because now I can't find them. Oh well. I will just have to design them myself. Such is life.

The deadline is the end of March, so I should start them promptly after I catch up on Part 5 of the FLAK, after the Knitting Olympics are over.

Yesterday, I:

  • had bag of Fritos for Second Breakfast
  • had burrito for lunch
  • drank a lot of cheap coffee
  • was so cranky when I got home that I ordered pizza and had a screwdriver
  • decided that all other pedestrians in the North End are my enemy, esp. the ones who block me from passing for whole block and then cut me off when I finally have a chance to pass and say something condescending to me when I sigh in exasperation. (Does that sound bitter? You should have heard me yesterday.)


wenders said...

Oh, the North End walkers. Don't get me started. . .

bitterknitter said...

Ditto to Wenders. Those other people on the sidewalk are the cause of much bitterness.

Socks styled after Wavy would be pretty. Wavy was fun to knit, I don't think it would be hard to change it to be done in the round to make socks.

Lissy said...

I have a pattern in a sock book that is wavy. I'll bring it with me tomorrow night.