Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Good times are here at last!

Today I:
  • had cereal and white tea with soy milk for breakfast
  • missed Second Breakfast
  • am having mashed potatoes with some kind of broccoli/red bean slop for lunch

My nemesis, a.k.a. the person who I work under, is taking a 6 month leave of absence, beginning in March. I didn't realize this until Monday, but come to think of it, she has been unusually happy the last couple of weeks. But then, so have I, because for the past couple of weeks she hasn't been working with me.

It has been confirmed by other people in the team that it's not me, it's her, so if you're thinking I'm a difficult person, there. (sticking out tongue) Apparently, despite my disdain for my job and the tasks it entails, even my general lack of enthusiasm for the structures I work on, I am considered a good intern.

Can you imagine what the other interns are like? I've only met and worked with a few, and all I have to say is: They thought I had more education than them. Actually, they were ahead of me by nearly a year.

Sorry if I'm tooting my own horn, but not being oppressed by confusing, oblique instructions and micromanaged by someone who freaks out at the tiniest thing (and is only entitled to half of my time, but worries about all of it) has left me strangely light headed and - dare I say it? - optimistic. This woman nearly drove me to a nervous breakdown on several occasions and was so picky and displeased with anything I did that I had serious doubts about my abilities, which is why I even had to ask the rest of the team whether I sucked. It's going to take me a while to get my normal design cockiness back full-time, much less in one post.

That said, I think I am going to knit her a going away present.

Last night, I:

  • had mashed potatoes and broccoli/red bean slop for dinner with two glasses of wine
  • knit very little - my wrist still hurts.
  • finished reading "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto

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knitcake said...

I'm glad to hear that work will be better, at least for the next six months.
Curious to hear what you thought of Banana Yoshimoto, she is one of my favorite authors.