Monday, February 27, 2006

Fug one, fug two

Today I:
  • had a bowl of cereal for breakfast with soy milk
  • had a banana for Second Breakfast (big surprise there)
  • am having Invention Soup* for lunch

Fugly Socks

Pattern: Uh, this is the Handy Book of Knitting Patterns (CO, leg shaping and heel) meets Knitting Vintage Socks (toe), which probably says something deeply psychological about me, but I'll pass on that subject for now. I already came up as Severus Snape on a personality test, so I'm good to go in that area for a while.

Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes "Lumberjack Black"

Size: women's 7 1/2

Gauge: 8s = 1" (or 32s = 10cm, for those of you on metric) on US #1 and #2 needles

I must confess that despite all my whining and kvetching about these socks, they fit like a dream after washing. I've been wearing them for a length of time that I dare not admit publicly. (Longer than the usual store bought sock, but not as long as Lara, which I happen to be wearing right now. Do you have problem with that?) Being a rather rough wool, they do itch a little around my ankles, but not enough to really bother me. They're not cutting off my circulation like a lot of my store-bought socks do.

Fugly Piggy
Why are my KO's so fugly? Am I buying the wrong yarn, looking at the wrong patterns? I can't see where I am obviously going astray, so I'll just say that it must be a knack or something.

I made this camera cozy Saturday morning. I guess It's not so bad, considering I didn't have pattern - or coffee. I started it by knitting a small rectangle for the base, then picking up stitches all around it to work in the round, adding shaping to fit the contours of my camera as I went. I'm very happy with how well all of that fits. But I really need to fix the pig head flap, it bothers me to no end. I suppose I could just go buy the Stitch 'n Bitch book this idea came down to me from, but I'm cheap. (I partially suspect that I am knitting in different direction than that pig, anyway.)

Purge, Purge!

Why do I always live in shithole? I've seen the insides of three apartments in the North End lately, and they're all so much cleaner and nicer than mine. Nobody has to hold their fridge back when they open it so that it won't slide towards them on the sloping floor, or has a 6' clearance on their landing. They can't reach their overhead lights without a chair or stool. For goodness sake, they have a sink in their bathrooms!

I got absolutely no knitting done Sunday. I completely forgot all about it. I was too busy purging my apartment of crap.

What have I chucked? A tea cup set and two glass plates. Three large trash bags of clothing. One trash bag of incomplete (and likely never to be completed) quilting. Uncoated wire hangers. Natty towels. Boxes made of rolled newspaper. A ragdoll. Five books. (Which leaves about 500 behind, but those 500 are necessary. Really.)

I almost threw out my 2000 Sweets catalog. I know throwing it out is probably the right thing to do, I haven't used them in months (except as a step to do leg exercises) but I flipped one open and saw a section of a triple pane glazing unit with wood trim and I just couldn't do it. I am very weak when it comes to graphic diagrams.

Last night, I:

  • had a glass of wine
  • made and ate Invention Soup* while watching Runaway Jury
  • really upset my cat with my cleaning
  • found all of the cat toys

*Necessity is the mother of Invention. Invention Soup is what you make when you're too broke or tired to go grocery shopping and just use whatever you've got at hand. In this case, this was seaweed-red bean-broccoli stem-coconut milk-miso-rice soup, sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Mmmm.


Danielle said...

I grew up on "Leftover Soup". Essentially, the same recipe as "Invention Soup", but a more ghetto name :)

I love hearing what you've been eating. Sounds like all the stuff I eat or would eat if I remembered to purchase it when at the store :)

Lissy said...

Take heart. You are not the only member of the North End Knitters living in squalor. I have every furniture item in my apartment propped up with books because my apartment is sloped. If you have a bowl of soup at my house, it will be deeper on one side than the other. And it's a major struggle just to squeeze in my door because I have so much shit.

Feel free to come visit, provided you don't mind having only one seating choice -- at my kitchen table. ;) But I've got lots o books, so you'd feel right at home.

Titine24 said...

What is wrong with the widdle pig's face? I think he is just analyzing the cat's trajectory to see if he is in its path... Maybe he needs some triangle ears, but he is a very snug pig.

I also enjoy reading what you have been eating. I wondered what white tea was until I saw it at our organic grocery today. Wow!!