Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Plan

My laundry is clean, my apartment is almost, and I did a little shopping. Tomorrow I go grocery shopping (after the flame is lit, it can't be helped) and then I'll be ready to rock 'n roll, or rather, er... sit 'n knit.

For sixteen days.


My boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot is just now beginning to realize the gravity of the situation. He is used to me knitting through movies, through him talking... through parties... but I do often take breaks to do other things, like eat, read, etc.

That won't necessarily be the case soon, esp. if I fall behind.

So. The Plan. The Plan is pretty simple. I need to have the knitting portion of the sweater completed by Wednesday evening, Feb. 22nd, so that the following Thursday I can mist and block it for seaming on Friday night and Saturday morning. I have two full weekends that I hope to use for the bulk of the knitting, which will require some rules:

  • I will avoid all activities that cannot be integrated with knitting. If it would be weird for me to knit in the restaurant, etc., I'm not going.
  • I will be on a severe blog diet, avoiding any temptation to endlessly troll through knitting blogs to see what others are doing. This only counts if I am at home, since it would eat away at knitting time. I can't knit at work so anything goes there.
  • When I'm done with the day's knitting I will post on my blog, then do something else. This has to happen before midnight on work nights so that that something else can be sleep.
  • I will not knit/crochet on anything else. Sounds rather obvious, but I think I better mark that one out, just in case. You never know.
  • I will plan what I am going to wear in advance to save the time I would otherwise spend blundering around, half awake and half blind in the Cave weekday mornings. (I can't stress this enough. I wear mostly black and gray. Ever look for a coordinating outfit in black and gray at 7 am in a dimly lit room?)
  • I will try not to constantly whine, or watch the same movie for 16 days straight.
  • I will not cook in a manner that requires real attention for more than five minutes straight. Hello, instant potatoes!
  • I will eat at least three times a day, no matter what.

Now, to see if this actually happens!

P.S. I'm not going to the Team Boston Kick-Off: not only would that be distracting from actual knitting... but I'm too shy. Go figure.

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Lissy said...

Sounds like a sensible plan. Good luck, chica. Will you be knitting in the bathroom? Just curious.