Friday, February 17, 2006

Day 7

Due to the incorrigible antics of Jamieson last night, I am not done with Lara yet. At midnight, with six rows of the cuff remaining, I called it a night. He had food, he had water (some of it airborne, via squirt gun) but nothing would calm the raging beast except me going to bed.

Does anyone else have this problem with their cat? That if the lights are on too late at night, they go crazy? I know knocking over glasses of water is pretty much a universal cat trait, but midnight madness? Hmm.

My determination has been revised: I am now determined to finish the sweater tonight, probably at Jeanette's cocktail party. I have the neck seamed, I just need those six rows, some side seaming, and blocking. Maybe I can get it done during lunch...?

Yesterday, I:
  • had soy yogurt and coffee for breakfast
  • ate a bag of Fritos for Second Breakfast
  • had some veggie potstickers for lunch... and some peanut butter cups
  • watched State and Main and Reign of Fire
  • ate fake cheese on crackers with avocado slices
  • drank a beer and half
  • had a bowl of minestrone for dinner
  • cursed vehemently at you-know-what

1 comment:

Lissy said...

Congrats on finishing Lara. It looks great on you. You and that sweater belong together.