Monday, February 13, 2006

Plan B

Over the course of the weekend, The Plan has degenerated into Plan A. Perhaps "degenerated" is not quite the right word. "Evolved", maybe? "Transfigured"? Whatever the adjective, it is not working properly.

Is it difficult to fit into my lifestyle?

Not at all, sadly enough.

Is it proving to be ineffective? Is it hindering my quest to achieve Knitting Olympics greatness?

No. On the contrary.

It's working too well - I'm almost done. What to do?

Plan B

  • I will work on "Lara" with unrelenting dedication until it is completed. (Probably Friday; I have Chinese class Tuesday night.)
  • I will then fill the time until the Knitting Olympics deadline with neglected W.I.P's, no matter how much it may hurt to look at them.

The order I will work on these W.I.P's is as follows:

  1. backing for boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot's scarf so that he will stop asking for it;
  2. fugly socks (this may take all the KO time left. And the vodka.)
  3. Gentleman's Shooting Socks (just in case I do whip through #2)


bitterknitter said...

Plan B sounds good, it will be nice to get the WIPs done. I've started to think that I might finish early as well, it all depends on the grafting!

wenders said...

Oy! Can I just say I am jealous of your gauge?! :)

Lissy said...

Hey, is it mandatory during the Knit Olympics for everyone to work the word vodka, or at least the concept of alcohol, into their posts?

I'm so pleased you're doing so well. That sweater is going to be fun to wear. Very appropriate for working girls. No, not THAT type of working girl! Jeez, get your mind out of the knitting gutter! maybe it's the vodka! ;)