Friday, March 31, 2006

More bad behavior, of course

Today I:
  • had a bagel for breakfast. Finally.
  • remembered to bring a packet of instant chai tea, but not lunch
  • am having a Vending Machine Lunch
  • have my consumption priorities all messed up

There used to be a time, a long, long time ago, when I cared about lunch so much that everyone in my studio knew when I was having it. There was a time when breakfast was the same way. That was about a year ago. What has happened since then to change the way I think about food at work? Other than a ten pound weight gain and longer walk? Wait... I think that may be it. I'm lazy and out of shape. I'm sure this cup of noodles I'm eating instead of going outside to fetch food will really help. That and this chai.

I did take a vitamin.


Excuse my French, but according to all accounts, this is some good shit. I should know, since a lot of it is passing through my hands lately. (Can you say, "Six skeins?!?") But the sad truth is I don't know. It has really been just passing through. Last night I decided enough was enough and bought some to keep for me, me! Normally I would not think I am a purple person. (A person who likes purple. Not literally purple.) But of the few colorways left at the LYS after my pillaging lately I like this one. (I almost went for something in new leaf green and pink. But then I thought better - I have no shoes to wear with that.)

There will be some underwear making soon. Witness this fingering weight cotton yarn. This is not all I need for my intended project, but I thought I'd start it first and then see if I totally poop out and end up abbreviating it. Dangerous, I know, but there wasn't exactly a queue behind me for this yarn so I think it'll be okay.Relatively soon I'll be posting at length about the Lingerie-Along we North Enders are going to have this spring/summer, but first I have to make the button. I have two ideas, and they are burning holes through my skull in their desire to be seen. So it won't be long, despite what you may know of my procrastination abilities via this blog. Really. I mean it.

Last night, I:

  • bought yarn. Yippee!
  • had mushroom and artichoke pizza for dinner with a beer
  • knit some on the IK Winter 2005 ballet wrap cardigan


arianna said...

Vitamins are key. Sometimes, those are the healthiest things I eat all day.

And, ack! You wrote "poop out" while I was still on the whole "knitting underwear" thing...I'll leave it at that & not mention anything like mental images...hehe.

That's beautiful Artyarn. I need to check that stuff out, too. What exactly is your LYS, if you don't mind my asking?

arianna said...

aww - i was hoping it was some store i had yet to discover, myself! but, Windsor Button isn't bad. and, i do love that it's in walking distance! nice & convenient. :)

Zee said...

LOL... Funny, you almost went a week without having breakfast. ;)

Glad you started the day out right!

Whoa, the purple is nice. I haven't had me some Artyarn at all. Perhaps I'll treat myself to some next month. :)

Christine said...

I list whatI eat to build suspense, of course. Otherwise, where would I find drama?

The problem with my alarm is that the time is correct on it now. Previously, it was twenty minutes ahead because my clunker of an alarm shifts ahead a couple minutes every day.

Carrie K said...

Lingerie along?

I want to play with the Artyarn myself now. They had some pretty colorways, but not the purple at my LYS.

Jeanette said...

Your artyarns look lovely! You will certainly enjoy both working with the yarn, and wearing the socks. Given the gauge, they knit up very quickly.

Lissy said...

Artyarn and purple & green -- a formula for making me happy. Can you email me the specs on the weight and colorway number of yarn? Me want. Can't tell if it's sock weight or heavier.