Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Be Plutonic*

Today I:

  • had a whole wheat English muffin for breakfast with a cup of white tea
  • mailed off a SP8 package
  • am having homemade vegan enchiladas-meets-burritos for lunch

This Mexican-ish food is better than it looks. Why haven't I been making all my lunches? This beats the hell out of microwave burritos.

In Other News

I finally had my 1 year review at work, so now I can decompress. It's looking like a raise, esp. since my Overseer understands the difficulties I encountered last year, seeing that he had them himself. (Difficulty sometimes has a name.) My only other review was about this time last year, when I'd only had 3 months of experience on the job. I was rated Cheerful But Slightly Incompetent Because New to the Job. Now I am a Pleasant and Easy Going Competent Worker Who is Overwhelmed By Demanding Architects, phasing into Less Frustrated Worker Now That Difficulties Have Been Removed and the Project Has Gone Into CD. (Are you following me still?) The nervous breakdown has been abated, everybody can now unfasten their seat belts and roam about at will.

What I can't help thinking about is that I am considered easy going and cheerful. Who knew? I feel like I should send a copy of the report to anyone who ever told me I was onery and moody. (Hi, Mom! Hello, Philadelphia! Hey, ex's!)

Of course I should be laid back. Even if I'm not. After all, I am a California girl. Could I be any more stereotypical than in this photo?

True, I'm not rollerblading in a thong, but you get the idea.

Last night, I:

  • had a bowl of refried beans with rice and tomatoes for dinner
  • ate a bowl of borsch, too
  • drank 1/5 of a glass of wine (Need. More. Wine.)
  • tried to get stuff done

*Advice from my boyfriend/ partner/ whatnot last night on gettign back to the writing now that I'm decompressing. I think he means it astrologically.


wenders said...

I want the lunch recipe! I'm trying to eat healthier (hence the eggplant in the kitchen Saturday) and your lunch looks SO much better than the lame-ass eggplant lasagna I just ate.

And my brother and I are like that IM conversation in real life, most of the time. About anything. Including childhood memories, which means no one ever knows what we're talking about. But he's a funny guy.

arianna said...

Thanks for the info -- fantastic. Hopefully I get up the nerve to attend very soon! :)

I guess I always figure people look so different in real life than they do in internet photos. I'm probably terribly wrong. I don't know why I think that; that's kind of weird, isn't it?

Zee said...

Gee, I have to catch up!

Your lunch looks yummy. Good for you!

Carrie K said...

I'm fairly sure Boyfriend isn't suggesting it as slightly misspelt.

So did Difficulties also have the appellation of Let Go? Cheerful & Easygoing, eh? I was somewhat startled to discover I was Tough But Fair. Tough? Me?

Your lunch looks good! Not only better but probably cheaper too.

Jeanette said...

Congrats on the review. No offense, but cheerful isn't the first word I would think of to describe you, but people are often different at work then at the coffee shop! I am very hungry right now so your lunch from yesterday really looks exceptional