Monday, December 19, 2005

X-mas Knitting - Literally

Today I:

  • had a piece of toast with avocado hummus and coffee for breakfast
  • am having bruchetta pizza and yogurt and green onion Kettle Chips for lunch
  • will explain why I am telling you this
  • still can't believe I finished my mom's socks
  • have a picture to prove it

Pattern: Bed Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: less than one ball of Sockotta (color 08)

Needles: set of US #2 dpns

Size: large

Modifications: replaced allover pattern with 3x3 ribbing on heel flap and sole; added an extra pattern repeat to increase foot length

Would you ever knit this again? Maybe. If I forget how frickin' long it took me.

W.I.P. or What Am I Going To Knit During X-mas?

Forget the X-mas knitting deadline - (I have) - the real concern now is what I will knit during the 6 hour bus ride to and from the event itself.

What do I have to choose from? Well, I'm glad you asked. It just so happens there are a couple or a dozen projects to choose from, each with their own particular qualities to recommend them:

  1. Gentleman's Shooting Socks - one sock half done
  2. Magic Stripe Toe-Up Socks - will have to finally read that tutorial on wrapping short rows
  3. Bobble Cardigan - have 8 more inches of 18" wide stockinette stitching to go for back (on US #4 dpns)
  4. Vintage Raglan Cardigan - back already blocked
  5. Pink Seaman's Cap - already cast on, and it's a X-mas present
  6. Pink Cabled Beanie - X-mas present, nice yarn
  7. Simple Cardigan - okay so maybe I haven't started this yet but I want to use that Avocado Wool of the Andes
  8. Blue Acrylic Roll-Brim Hat for Hapless Victim - I can't let this yarn go to waste, no matter the cost
  9. Black Alpaca Basketweave Scarf - half done already

Above: Basketweave Scarf

So maybe I have already decided I will work on this scarf over the holidays because 1) it's for me and 2) it's brainless, but I don't see it lasting more than a one-way trip. I need to be prepared for the return trip, Friday night, all of Saturday and most of Sunday. I could probably crank out and entire sweater during that time in a desperate attempt to blot out my surroundings. (Wine and beer can only do so much before things become critical.)

Which reminds me - here's my first Cosmopolitan. I had it at InQ during the kpixie trunk show. Very tasty drink, I recommend, although I must say, half an inch into this I was already giggling. Luckily I hadn't brought enough knitting with me for the entire event, deftly (if accidentally) avoiding a dreadful Knitting While Intoxicated incident.

Why I Tell The World What I Eat Or Drink

I've been asked this several times. Reading back in this blog a couple weeks may answer that question for you, but if that's too much to ask, here is a basic response that I will reference from time to time:

  1. I am not on a diet, per se
  2. I have actually gained weight since starting this list
  3. It is just to act as my nutritional/lifestyle conscience, thereby granting me some kind of self-control (or maybe a little guilt? Maybe.)
  4. Therefore, it has to be public, or it wouldn't work.

Yesterday I:

  • had a cup of black coffee for breakfast with two scrambled eggs
  • had a bowl of potato gnocchi with mushrooms and pasta sauce for lunch
  • had two bowls of chocolate ice cream and a couple pieces of dark Polish chocolate for dinner
  • had half of Joe's glass of wine
  • did not feel the slightest pang of guilt or remorse
  • will probably do it again tonight

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