Saturday, November 05, 2005

I am so fancy free!

I spent some time this afternoon tearing apart my Homespun hat. I am not a huge fan of Lion Brand Homespun. I'm actually a natural fiber kind of girl, it keeps my knitting regular. But I am also a sucker for a deal. As a result, I have what I consider an enormous load of Homespun (3 or 4 balls). Obviously quick winter hat and scarf material, no problem to knit up quickly.

Going backwards, however, is another matter. What a mess! I was afraid for a while that I was actually just destroying my hat, not improving it. After many close-calls I got to this happy point:

No, this isn't a sea anemone. It's my hat during pin-up. The brim is supposed to be tighter than the crown, resulting in a bit of struggle that reminded me of all the reasons I prefer a continuous pattern, without sewing.

I did manage to turn the sewing to my advantage, though. I didn't want to use the Homespun because of the bulk (and it also gets lost in it all), so I raided my needlepointing stash and came up with this: Notice how the X-stitching gives an air of rusticated whimsy to the hat? It embraces the Holly Hobby crafter in all of us with its naivete, while simultaneously complimenting the pink/purple of the nut button? I planned that. Really. It wasn't that I was desperate to mask a botched seam job, thereby salvaging my work. I'm actually all about whimsy. Everybody knows that. For instance, my apartment - it is FULL of whimsy. See!
My Side of the Kitchen Notice the jaunty angle of the model I have suspended from the wall? I could have made that straight, but instead I chose a whimsical, offbeat angle to add interest to the space. And of course everybody knows making your furniture out of cardboard is the epitome of whimsicality. I would have done it even if I hadn't been required to make it at school.
By the Window Notice the brightly colored, plaid tablecloth? Whimsy. So are the coordinating pots on the windowsill (which also match the teapot). That just happened that way. The carefully aligned Maxfield Parish calendar is oh so whimsical as well. And I use a drafting table as a kitchen table. Obviously a random choice. I thought it would be quaint.

Convinced? Good. Now I'm going to go iron my clothes. Not because I need to, I just happen to feel like it right now. I might change my mind at any moment, without notice. Maybe I'll even wear the hat.

Note: hat pattern is from Rowan #36.

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arianna said...

hey fellow North End knitter! i just saw a message from you in the stitchnbitch-boston Yahoo group, and noticed that you are also a fellow Blogspotter, so i thought i'd check your site out and say hello. :) and haha i totally understand your reluctance to just join a group of already-established knitters - i'm kind of new to the area, and i'm so hesitant to just try to butt into a group where everyone already knows everyone else! ah, well - perhaps i'll muster up the guts someday...maybe we'll run into each other! i usually can't make the Wednesday SnB's on Salem St., but hopefully i'll get to sometime soon...

anyway, just wanted to say hello! hope you have a good week. :)