Monday, November 14, 2005

Bad, Bad Habits

Today I:

  • ate a cup of Kellogg's Corn Flakes with whole milk for breakfast
  • have had three cups of coffee before 2pm, with the works (one was organic Fair Trade!)
  • ate bruchetta pizza and Kettle chips for lunch
  • had to wear a long-sleeve knit T-shirt to work because all my clean clothes are wrinkled.

Even though it is not quite New Year's I am determined today to make some resolutions to improve my behavior. Not that my behavior is necessarily really, really bad behavior, but it may actually deserve the double bad label (bad, bad behavior). Nothing too serious, just not at all good. (Maybe if I get specific this will start to make sense?)

I have gotten into the habit of browsing a blog called Ginchyworld. This in itself is not bad. However, the owner of this blog studies some field of nutrition that I can't remember how to spell right now, and she lists what she has for breakfast every morning on her blog. I admit that while I originally came to this particular blog because of knitting, I keep coming back for the breakfast posts. I simply must know if she has run out of apple juice and has switched to orange juice. This has gotten me thinking about my own daily eating habits. Add to that the presence of a vegan in my life again (courtesy of Stitch 'n Bitch) and you have one troubled sort-of-vegetarian. Maybe I should eat better.

Maybe I should also drink less, exercise more, clean my apartment more often and iron my clothing within the first week of it coming out of the wash, etc.

For now I think I'll simply focus on the nutritional/exercise aspect of my life. It may be difficult enough.

What do I propose?

Well, for starters, I will post what I eat. That may shame me into good behavior, if for no other reason than that my health-conscious grandmother is reading this blog. (Grandma: I was just kidding about drinking too much...hehe) I will also buy a container of soy milk to leave at work for my morning coffee(s) to lower my dairy product intake. And I will jog. I swear! No shit! Every other day. Really.

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