Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday Night Sock Update 2

First of all, I'd like to thank those knitters who have been posting such supportive comments.

Thanks, ladies!

I suppose that's what a peer group is like, idealistically speaking. I'm used to that just being me, and lately, my boyfriend, who of course thinks nearly everything I do is perfection defined. (Perhaps that is why he dates me?)

Not much progress has been made this week in the area of socks. In fact, my Gentleman's Shooting Socks have been put on hold - literally.

As you can see by the wedge in the pattern, I am sticking to the shaped leg. I hate bulky ankles socks, despite spending most of my childhood in the '80's. (The fuzzy white balls are courtesy of my cat.) As much as I love these socks, they are being pushed aside so that I can try to meet my X-mas knitting deadline. As soon as those projects are done I can return to selfish projects, such as the rusty brown alpaca cardigan sitting at the bottom of my knitting bag. *sigh*

Feedback from silent siblings has finally arrived. Sibling #8 has approved a mitten pattern, and Sibling #1 has given me color options. (Did I mention I'm making stuff for her kids, too? Well, at least she knows it's not really about the X-mas deadline, rather a manic knitting giveaway.)

I chose the pattern for my Mom's TV socks. I'm not making her purely functional socks because I can't imagine her wearing handknit socks out of the house unless it is late at night and she's out of toilet paper. If they're not 'normal' socks, they don't have to meet any strict standards, and she may be convinced to even wear them. (Maybe I should have just made her a scarf?)

Anyway, I'm making her the Victorian Bed Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. So far I haven't strayed from the pattern, but I am considering whether I really should continue the pattern along the sole or if I should make it a 'normal' sole in case she really surprises me and wants to wear them with shoes out and about where other people will see them. You never know; she's surpised me on things before.
Knitting these socks has been fairly easy so far. I say 'fairly' because I didn't read the instructions before starting them and therefore had no idea that I would be struggling every 4th row with a repeat involving 'K3tog'. Ugh. I'm using US #2 needles and I knit TIGHTLY. What I really need is some US #2 Afghan knitting needles that are double pointed. I am actually having to keep a crochet hook on standby when I work on this sock for the inevitable slipping of the stitches off the needles altogether.


Tammie said...

I have been thinking of getting the Vintage Socks book, you love it? Are all the patterns written for dpns? Should I get it?...say Yes! I have a billion books what's one more!

Christine said...

I haven't really noticed if all the patterns are written for dpns, since that's what I use anyway, but I don't see why it can't go that way if you want it to.

I'm very happy with the book. The author has modified the original patterns to a certain extent, but has still left in some things that I can do without - for instance, the 3" cuff on the Gentleman's Shooting Socks. Also, I had to convert them from a man's size foot to my tiny feet. If those kind of calculations don't daunt you, then go ahead, splurge; there isn't a sock in there that I'm not considering.

Tammie said...

Hey thanks, my bad I just commented and asked about the book again...then I saw your reply here. I think I'll get it :)

Christine said...

Haha! You'd better. :>