Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday Night General Update

Today I:

  • ran out of coffee and bagels
  • had to have coffee with still warm croissants from the bakery on my block instead
  • had leftover pizza for lunch
  • am still hungry
  • have serious work angst
  • would rather be knitting than archiving construction admin. files from 2004, a job, I might add, that I was not hired to perform
  • had a soy latte, but that cannot cure the sickness that is the design profession
  • feel a little cynical

Last night I:

  • gorged on a thin crust pizza with a garlic white sauce, ricotta dollops, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and kalamata olives(not pictured here) and washed it down with some mineral water (healthy!)
  • only had one spoonful of chocolate fudge swirl Ben & Jerry's, because let's face it, more than that can floor you
  • finished a knitted brooch
  • accomplished very little otherwise, thanks to my cat, aka the Boneless Chicken

My cat has gone insane.

I crocheted him some catnip cat toys to distract him while I am knitting (or doing anything else that is not centered around him) but it isn't working. Sure, he loves his toys, but he loves meowing at the door, the cupboards, the window, the shelf, the underside of my chair, and the wall much, much more. By 10pm I was close to committing caticide. Not only could I get no knitting done, I couldn't write, either. That was making me want to climb the walls.

For those of you who don't know, I am trying to write a novel. I'm wedging it in between school, work, studying Chinese and living. It'll be done about ten years from now. But if this cat keeps it up, one of three things will happen:

1) he will die at my hands, and I will be too guilt-ridden to write,

2) I will allow the cat to live, but give up writing, and forever resent the stupid furball, or

3) the cat will somehow learn that I DO NOT LIKE THAT BEHAVIOR FOR FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT and kindly give it up.

I am about to go home from work. Antics are due to begin as soon as I arrive (he doesn't do this for Joe).

We will see which path we chose.


What sock?

NOTE: I have not assassinated my cat. We have called a truce. I tracked down his usual cat food and brought it home; he ate the cat food and only meowed at the walls and the door for about a half hour before falling alseep on my clean laundry.


bitterknitter said...

Clean laundry and the usual cat food always works! Luckily I have two cats to meow at me and "help" me do everything. At least they leave my yarn alone, they just go after the needles and row counters.

Jeanette said...

Man, I thought my kitty alarm was bad. At least Isis doesn't meow constantly at everything, instead she just walks where I want to be working and purrs. Much more calming while still being occassionally annoying.

fiberfanatic said...

you are a slow learner! usual cat food is a necessity! bad human! LOL.