Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hazy Colored Glasses

Today I:

  • had piece of toast with cream cheese and nutritional yeast and coffee for breakfast
  • ate two bananas
  • called the bananas lunch
  • have the Ruralis Regressivis really bad (or is it just my blood sugar?)

It is wrong to want to be transported to the interiors of Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice, sans all the characters and the battle for good or evil and someone to dance with stuff? Because they are both so quaint and hand made looking, even the light, that the closest I can get to that here is looking out the window or lying in my bed late at night. California in general is not particularly quaint and old-fashioned, but bits and pieces of it are, and they have stuck indelibly in my memory, like awesome dark chocolate mousse dusted with gold topped with fresh raspberries. Ugh.

Maybe it is my blood sugar level.

I also blame my glasses. The ones that finally broke a couple weeks ago that I haven't replaced. I wore my sunglasses for a while, but they made the cartilage of my ears sore. Now I am wearing my old glasses. The five year old glasses. That's right, these lenses are ready for school, and they're making me feel really light-headed, kind of like I'm floating. Not that I'm complaining (I think it could grow on me) but it does reduce my already floundering desire to stare at the screen all day labeling wall types, if you know what I mean. This may be a good fantasy time.

So brace yourself. I may spew something vaguely literary or poetic onto this blog soon.

I will be kind enough to use a cut.

Last night, I:

  • had yet another bowl of vegetable soup. Will it never end?
  • had a hot cider/rum and wrote 900 words (bad/good me)
  • really wanted to order pizza
  • ate half of a roast beef sandwich (that desperate) , courtesy of the office kitchen counter, then felt weird all evening. Don't think it was food poisoning, just beef. Bit like eating grasshoppers again after not doing it for six or seven years. 'Nuff said.

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