Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Have Been Knitting

I just have no proof at present.

Thanksgiving morning I knitted a simple garter stitch scarf for my sort-of mother-in-law out of this wonderful salmon/lavender/green novelty yarn. (Really! Aw, if I had a picture, you'd believe me!)

I also knitted two flower brooches with beaded centers. I have a little proof for this, since a couple postings back I showed a picture of the lavender brooch before blocking. Remember that? That actually became something.

And I am almost finished with the Bed Socks for my mom. Only 12" more to go!

No, actually, it's more like 4", which is well past the gusset. It's all down hill from there, folks, even though it's a rather long hill. Mom wears size tens. (Sorry, Mom, but it's true!)

So now all I have to knit is:
  1. yellow hat for a nephew
  2. mittens for Sibling #8
  3. black hat for Sibling #5
  4. red hat for Sibling #1
  5. something pink for a niece
  6. seaman's hat for Bob
  7. something for another niece, what was it she wanted?
  8. pink flower brooch for a transexual (don't ask)
  9. rusty brown alpaca cardigan for me
  10. Magic Stripe Toe-Up socks for me
  11. Gentleman's Shooting Socks for me
  12. black alpaca scarf for me
  13. black felted bag for me
  14. black hat for me
  15. mittens for me
  16. stuff for me! me! me!

I think this Selfless Knitting For Others thing that happens around the holidays may be getting to me somewhat. Did I say me? Yes, me. Me is desperate for some knitted goods all her own, but Me won't get any until #9, sometime in...eh... April?

Today I:

  • had corn flakes with 1% milk for breakfast
  • didn't like it
  • imbibed two cups of coffee like someone who just doesn't care
  • had leftovers from yesterday's lunch and a banana for lunch

Yesterday, I:

  • had vegetable-lentil-rice soup for lunch, cold (Yay?)
  • whined about Art School until the only solution was a salmon burger with fries and an IPA at the Green Dragon
  • forgot to take photos of my WIPs


Jeanette said...

Are you really trying to get through #8 before x-mas? If so, good luck. Knitting for one's self is much better than knitting for other, isn't it?

bitterknitter said...

I typed a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn't take! I like that half of your list is for yourself! I'm a selfish knitter, I knit for others, but only because it is something that I wanted to knit (but didn't want to keep)!