Monday, November 07, 2005

Going Full-On K.I.P

I have a time, I have a place, I have a knitting circle. This is as astonishing to me as ironing with an ironing board (so much easier! No, really! It is!) or when the apartment heat turned on (the day we moved in, sometime this past summer). Perhaps I have not been entirely spoiled by life and still have some venues to explore with bright-eyed, child-like amazement.

Or maybe I am so underprivileged that I don't take so-called "typical" things for granted. I used to think about that back when I lived in a former chicken-hatchery in my father's back yard, propping my furniture up on bricks so that the rain leaking in through the half-constructed South wall wouldn't cause irrevocable damage. (This was when my yen for construction really kicked in, full throttle.) I used to dream of getting a good wood pile nearby, rather than all the way across the yard, in the field. (Yard= 1.5 acre) Dream of the day I would have a lock so reliable that the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig couldn't break in and root through my clothes while I was out.

Oh, the Good 'ol Days before city living spoiled me, when interpersonal relationships were complex and mind-boggling ("What was your maternal grandmother's maiden name? No, sorry, we can't date: you're my fourth cousin, twice removed. Too risky.") and economics really quite simple .

Had a really excellent chocolate mousse and hot chocolate at an Italian cafe down the street from my apartment last night. Next time I'm having a fruit-infused grappa.

What am I going to wear? It's directly after work, so I might be wearing something like I'm sporting today - knee high black boots, a black cashmere pullover, gray cat-eye glasses, gray skirt, my hair out to my shoulders (big tousled poof) - in essence, the uniform of a slutty librarian. * Ye gods. Must do laundry tonight and think hard.

*I take that back. I dress like a Beatnik librarian. But what's a person to do? Black matches everything!


Tammie said...

I grew up in the city, but spent the summers in smalltown USA at my grandmas ~ also my parents had a cabin that at the time when I was young, it had no running water and an outhouse. Since they have built a gorgeous log cabin with all the modern conveniences. Those were the good ol days! ha

I replied to your comment on my blog re: Knitting Vintage Socks. I LOVE the book...thanks for the recommendation! Everything in there is a keeper and I really enjoyed reading about the history of the old pattern leaflets and I love all the heel and toe options too. Well $ spent.

Christine said...

It's my first all-sock book, and I'm feeling pretty lucky. When I hit the Crisis Point on the heel i was able to go back to the generic descriptions of the heel types and rework it as I pleased, which was very, very nice indeed!