Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today I:

  • ate a plain bagel with Tofutti "cream cheese" and nutritional yeast for breakfast
  • chugged a cup of organic Fair Trade coffee, black
  • drank a cup of green tea, reticently
  • ate two lumps of dough covered in frosting, courtesy of anonymous person who left them on the office kitchen counter
  • had honey baked salmon with rice pilaf and salad for lunch

Yesterday, after I posted, I:

  • cracked and ate a sugar cookie, a bag of Cosi Kettle Chips, and a bag of very spicy BBQ Cape Cod chips (Made my lips burn. Serves me right) - all courtesy of the office kitchen counter
  • had a two egg omelet with Muenster cheese and a glass of merlot for dinner
  • had coffee with the works at the Stitch 'n Bitch meeting
  • did not exercise, except for the interminable walk to and from work

I've mentioned the fad bandwagon before in reference to pom-poms, but a map that people can register their location on! Oh, my. Do you know how difficult it is for me to track whoever reads this blog? All the guessing involved? With this map I may never have to guess again. I may even put this in my sidebar. Yes! That's what I will do! I am lame and can not add a button to my website (I think The Knitting Curmudgeon has a condescending little nickname for people like me, but I like her anyway.)

So there. I have no pride, I have no individuality, at least when it comes to stroking my ego with the idea that someone, somewhere, is reading this blog.


bitterknitter said...

I love tofutti cream cheese and nutritional yeast! At least we get to walk to and from work, much of america only walks out to the car in the garage/driveway to get to work!

Catlady said...

I do read your blog, and enjoy it, as a matter of fact :)
Keep up the good work!!! Love your socks, and your artwork! You are one talented person :)