Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Slow Torture

Today I:

  • had one cup of organic Fair Trade coffee, black (out of soy milk)
  • ate a plain bagel with Tofutti "cream cheese" and nutritional yeast
  • devoured the remains of the hummus and carrots for lunch
  • am waiting avidly for the lunch remains to emerge from an afternoon meeting
  • am drinking mint tea
  • am hating mint tea passionately, as well as the guy who is supposed to keep the office stocked in green tea, but didn't
  • am probably not alone - office has a high ratio of Asian employees with conspicuous green tea habits
  • am thinking maybe I can corner my Chinese co-worker and see if he has a hidden stash?

Last night, I:

  • drank a glass of merlot
  • had the rest of the pesto pasta leftovers with marinara sauce
  • did not exercise, except for the usual trek home

I am not handling this healthy diet well. I feel like I am being slowly tortured. My intention is not to lose weight - I'm probably around 110 lbs., and if I lose any weight, I may blow right over the Summer Street Bridge into the Fort Point Channel. I just want to be in better general shape physically so that I can at least hold onto the handrail during fierce Nor'easters.

I need to plan this better. Hummus is not cutting it for lunch. Not that I had really intended to have hummus every day - it was just something I had in the fridge that was easy to bag at the last minute yesterday morning. Bagels are nice in the morning, but I'm hungry an hour later. And I walk immediately after breakfast (briskly), so something heavy is out. I would be one big ball of suffering stomach knot half way through the business district if I did that.

This might mean the dreaded C-word. You know the one:


I've decided against a fair Isle hat for my Dad for X-mas. I may be masochistic, but I am not quite crazy yet. Instead I'm going to make him this, in black or navy blue:

I am going to omit the mannequin, of course.

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