Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Post-It Art

Today I :

  • got out of bed ten minutes early... that is, I didn't hit the snooze alarm
  • had one cup of organic Fair Trade coffee with vanilla soy milk
  • had a whole wheat bagel with Tofutti "cream cheese" and lox
  • had two cups of green tea at work
  • wish I hadn't brought carrots and hummus for lunch.

I brought my camera to work and snapped a shot of the Post-It portrait of Le Corbusier I and my co-worker did Friday for our studio party. He pixelated the photograph and gridded the black foamcore and I spent 5 hours putting up about 3200 Post-It notes. It was a big hit.

I wonder how it will look in my professional portfolio?

"Christine is extremely tenacious about office party decorations, no matter how seemingly frivolous, or how limited the palette and choices of easily recognizable celebrity architects."

Yesterday, after I posted about my bad, bad habits, I:

  • had another cup of coffee with the works, anyway,
  • had pesto-filled pasta with marinara sauce for dinner (and some cheese nips),
  • drank half a beer and 1/4 cup of egg nog (very good of me)
  • didn't exercise, unless you count the 25 minute walk home against rush hour traffic.

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