Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tuesday Night Sock Update 4

I have a sock!

A funny looking sock, but it's still a sock. It looks better with a foot in it.

Ignore the hairy shin, look at the sock. Who knew I would be so clever as to make the ad hoc ribbing on the heel flap and sole match up exactly with the pattern of the toe? Certainly not me! Boy, am I pleased. It would probably photograph even better if it had the right size foot in it. (It's a little big for me.)

Whew! That sock took forever, no thanks to my sudden bouts of illiteracy. I reworked the decreases after the heel gussets six times because I simply couldn't understand the directions in front of me. When the correct procedure became clear at last I had to spend a couple seconds being dumbfounded. Where the hell did those sensible instructions come from?

I've decided my IQ drops about 40 points when I read knitting instructions, which is not good at all, considering all the math involved in altering patterns to fit. Let this be a warning to you all, and especially me.

So what shall be my reward for sticking with it 'til the end, despite all the emotional and intellectual ups and downs? Wine, dancing girls? Ice cream and other fatty, sugary foods? Nope. Trying to be "good", relatively speaking...

I know!

I can start the second sock.


fiberfanatic said...

gorgeous! and now you know why I knit the two socks on 2 sets of needles, so when I'm done with one, I'm almost done with the second!

Christine said...

Sounds good in theory, but in practice I think I would make the same mistake on two socks simultaneously and have twice the stitches to unravel. Ugh.