Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ah, Architecture, Why Must You Play Games With Me?

Today I:
  • had two pieces of toast with cream cheese and nutritional yeast for breakfast, along with a cup of coffee with chocolate rice milk - and I'm still not bored with it!
  • had pasta with mushrooms and "Vodka Sauce" for lunch
  • imbided coffee - I have no idea how much.
  • scored half a brownie from the OKC
  • ate an apple
  • haven't had dinner yet, and should probably start thinking about it before I am too tired to bother
  • got talked out of quitting architecture school
  • got a referral to a firm more in line with my desired design paradigm (say that ten times fast!)

Advisors are tricky, tricky people, folks!

1 comment:

bitterknitter said...

I love chocolate rice milk! I had vodka sauce exactly twice before I went vegan, and it was yummy stuff.

Good luck getting into the other firm!