Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tell Me Not To Go

Today I:
  • had a cup of corn flakes for breakfast
  • have had a lot of coffee, yet again
  • am eating "Asian stir fry" with... yeh... chicken in it
  • have no pictures for you

Having no pictures when I post is very bad in my mind because, well, frankly when I'm cruising the knitblogs I am really just looking at pictures. It's the design profession. We don't really read, we just pretend to read.

Friday I take the Chinatown bus to New York, where I will transfer to a different Chinatown bus that will take me to Philadelphia. There are pros and cons to this situation:


  1. Chinatown buses are generally more efficient and speedy than Greyhound or Peter Pan or what have you
  2. They are also much, much cheaper
  3. I can eavesdrop on some Mandarin, hopefully
  4. I can probably knit the whole time, or read, or listen to language tapes


  1. I'm going to New York
  2. I'm going to Philadelphia
  3. The trip lasts at least 6 hours
  4. I do not trust the bathrooms
  5. I get motion sickness (in the elevator at work, on trolleys, in the subway...)
  6. I have this premonition of death in a fiery, bloody, metal-grinding crash on some stupid turnpike (so if it happens, remember: I told you so)
  7. I would rather spend the fare on yarn
  8. I don't want to go
  9. My boyfriend/partner/whatnot has been pleading for me to go
  10. Did I mention Philadelphia? I hate Philadelphia.

Last night, I:

  • had half an eggplant parmesan sub for dinner and a mini bottle of Pelligrino
  • drank a hot cocoa
  • did loads and loads of laundry
  • knitted very little

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Jonathan said...

I have been eating corn flakes also (special k-low carb, to be exact).