Monday, December 05, 2005

A couple sentences on the new Knitty

Much excitement is ricocheting around the web right now because at last! at last! the new Knitty is out!

My reaction was not an exception.

So imagine my disappointment when I realized, upon close examination, that the sock patterns are the only things I would seriously consider knitting.

I have enough sock patterns and socks in my line-up to make as it is.

Please send comfort food. You know where to find me.


Mac said...

Sometimes sock patterns are enough! It's not unusual for me to hate every single pattern in a Knitty issue, one pattern I'd knit is exciting. *grin*

bitterknitter said...

I usually don't like many knitty patterns, so I was surprised that I liked as many as I did (and will maybe end up knitting one of them at most). Granted, I don't care at all for most sock patterns!