Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Today I:

  • had a slice of carrot cake for breakfast, courtesy of the OKC
  • have had two cups of coffee
  • am having the leftover "Asian stir fry" for lunch
  • got an astonishing Xmas bonus
  • wonder whatever I did for it

It is going to be very hard to leave this job if they keep buttering me up like this. Tonight is the Xmas party, even. There will be dinner and an open bar. Devious employers!

I started my first pair of Magic Stripe socks last night using Wendy's Toe-Up method (and with the help of the Knitting Fiend. It always helps to cross-reference directions.) The result is, I have mastered wrapping short rows!

Well, perhaps that was an overstatement. I did wrap short rows. They weren't so bad that I had to reknit them.

The sock, however, is about to be decimated.

Fugly, yes, it is; Lion Brand Magic Stripes, yes, that, too... But that is not the reason I will be unraveling the thing tonight.

My gauge is off.

It needs to be 8s=1", but it is 8.5s=1". Maybe not a big deal to some of you, since socks should stretch on the feet, but if I kept on this way the doubt would gnaw away at me through the next 300 gazillion stitches needed to make one sock, and that is hardly the attitude I want to have going forth in this project. General negativity about the everlasting quality of a sock project is enough without bitter ambivalence about whether it will fit or not. That said, it does seem to be going remarkably quick without a *yo, k3tog, yo* sequence every four rows. It should be even faster on US #2 dpns.

Last night, I:

  • had potato gnocchi with mushrooms and pasta sauce for dinner
  • had couple chips
  • kept saying, "Wow! Look! Stripes!" and "I wonder if these will fit?"
  • had no idea that Wednesday would be a hopelessly decadent yarn spending spree

Did you read that last bit right?

Yeah, so did I.

Gotta go!

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fiberfanatic said...

in the future, just try the socks ON to see if they fit or not! much easier than worrying, or frogging!