Monday, December 05, 2005

First Snow

Today I:

  • had toast with nutritional yeast, cream cheese, artichoke hummus, and two cups of coffee (got up earlier) with chocolate rice milk. Wouldn't you?
  • am having veggie pizza, apple juice, chips, and a banana for lunch (drafting works up an appetite)
  • scored the apple juice from OKC*
  • have a laundry date tonight. Hot stuff.
  • nearly lost this entry while publishing it! Eek!

Yesterday I bounded out of bed at the early hour of 9:30 am to roam the neighborhood, snapping pictures. I did not even pause for coffee.

This is intensely out of character, by the way. Typically, I am not a snow person. The most common remarks on the weather to be heard from me during these East Coast winters are: "What is all this white stuff everywhere? Somebody should clean this mess up!" and "Snow should be visited, not lived in."

That is because I am Californian, dontcha know. When I originally arrived on the East Coast, it was the day after a storm that left TWO FEET OF SNOW EVERYWHERE, like all over EVERYTHING, dude. It blew my mind. So much snow and no skiing.

Five years later, I am getting somewhat accustomed to these little quirks of the weather. I realize I am not a Winter Person. I used to sincerely believe I was a Winter Person. (Of course, this was before I knew that winter back home was actually called autumn everywhere else - it was just happening from October to April, is all.) This year, I really will be. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here's why:

  • For the first time in five years of East Coast winters, I have bonafide, strip-to-your-longjohns-as-you-step-in-the-apartment heat. And it's included with my exorbitant rent!
  • I have nothing whatsoever to shovel, even if I wanted to.
  • Most of my basic needs are within easy walking distance, including work.
  • I have a real winter coat this year.

Life is good. Snow is pretty, but you shouldn't eat it.

Here are lots of pictures.

You see the snow falling in this photo. (That's Paul Revere Church.) More falling snow! Whee!
My sweet alley. I won't have to shovel this.

Cemetery in snow. Makes the dead look extra peaceful.

Paul Revere Mall. I have a picture of this after rain, too. (Compare and contrast. Five page essay due Weds.)

Yesterday I :

  • had pasta, coffee, popcorn, green tea, a banana, and beans and rice. Can you guess which was breakfast?
  • looked at every single knitting pattern Jeanette owns. Thanks!
  • drank half a hot buttered rum. I was so busy knitting, I plum forgot about it.

    *Office Kitchen Counter, the source of much of my calorie intake.

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