Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Slippity-Do Dah, What A Wonderful Day

Today I:

  • had a croissant for breakfast
  • carried my coffee to work in the 14 degree F weather and microwaved it
  • am having leftover squash, mushroom, and artichoke heart pizza, a banana, and a soy latte for lunch
  • love scandalizing my co-workers with tales of Living Without Heat in Philadelphia
  • find myself in the middle of a charrette (where the heck did that come from?) (The event, not the word.)
  • actually pried some useful information from my former school's financial aid department
  • am in shock about it, frankly


I lacked the necessary enthusiasm last night to confront any of my current knitting projects (esp. those related to a certain upcoming deadline we will not speak of) so I made a Pocketbook Slipper. I suspect the name is comes from the fact that it looks like a purse before you (very incredulously) put it on.

The instructions for this slipper were very minimal, not even including what type of decrease or increase to make, just when and how many. Good enough. I suppose we all have opinions on what works best. So I settled down for some interpretive knitting and, quite to my surprise, the pattern worked!

Very bad photo of my one completed slipper. I used some of the black Lion Wool I had left over from the Seaman's Cap I made for my dad. (This is looking like an excellent use of these little odd balls.) It was a little loose on me, but the strap keeps it on, and it certainly was comfortable. When I have a complete pair I will let you know what the gauge and sizing turned out to be. I have a feeling that this is a pattern I will probably play with quite a bit until I come up with my own version. It's a very quick knit!

Last night, I:

  • lacked the moral and physical strength to cook.
  • ordered pizza
  • had a beer with it
  • also had some hummus and carrots (The delivery guy got lost - they almost always do.)
  • finally ate that chocolate cake roll, although I did give the chocolate medallion on top to my boyfriend
  • harangued every financial aid department I have known in the past three years
  • perked up considerably

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