Monday, December 12, 2005

Hats Are In

Today I:
  • had toast with cream cheese and coffee for breakfast
  • am having bruchetta pizza, Kettle chips, and probably a soy latte for lunch
  • gave away a perfectly good hat
  • got an "in action" shot of it
Kasumi in her new hat

After much trial an error - including a complete redesign, wherein I decided that a 4s wide cable would be too bulky and went down to 2s - I finished Kasumi's hat! As my first ever cabled project, I'm feeling pretty smug about it. I made it up as I went!

Too bad this fact shows so readily in the way I terminated the crown. Must. Work. On. This.

For those of you who care about the specs., here it is:

Pattern: Mine, for good and bad.

Size: Big

Yarn: Lion Wool "cream" color (less than a full skein)

Gauge: 5s = 1" on US #6 needles

I have been all about the hats this weekend. I also finished the yellow Seaman's Cap for my nephew.
Pattern: Needlebeetle's Seaman's Cap

Size: Small

Yarn: pale yellow worsted superwash wool (exact brand slipping my mind)

Gauge: per pattern

In Other News

I discovered I have been making the sleeves of my vintage raglan cardigan totally wrong. I may have been a little distracted. (See Above) But this is good news, in a way, because now I can rip out those thirteen inches I've done on both sleeves (Eek!) and knit it in the round. Yes, this cardigan is flat-knit, and I can't say that's really pleasing me. There doesn't seem to be any fundamental design reason for it - other than that they think the intended audience of this pattern is stupid or something - so if I ever make this pattern again, I'm not doing it flat. Sheesh! I'm making it on dpns anyway.

Last night, I:

  • had nachos and beer for dinner, in descending order
  • bought something chocolate from Modern Bakery, and then forgot to eat it
  • cast on some pink worsted wool for Sibling #6's Seaman's Cap
  • did not leave the apartment except to 1) return DVDs and 2) buy chocolate
  • cleaned half the apartment, leaving the rest in shambles


Jonathan said...

CHRSTIIIIINE, you can't leave me (LOL). Well, I'm not leaving you? Anyway, Jonathan here (sevenreeds)! I too have a blogger account that I love and will still not delete. It's called..."The Willow Tree" ( ). I like this layout, what is it called?

Anyway your hats are AMAZING! I can really see them being sold at Gap or Old Navy, or a store like that (if not your own). Start your own clothing line...w/a men's line ;-D

Jeanette said...

Your cabled hat looks great! The crown also looked good, so don't worry about it.