Thursday, December 08, 2005


Today I:
  • had a warm croissant and a coffee with chocolate rice milk for breakfast (out of bread and nutritional yeast!)
  • having some weird cream cheese mushroom sandwich for lunch, courtesy of yesterday's lunch lecture
  • am a disgruntled worker, still!
  • am going to go out tonight, buy some beer, and... update my work portfolio. (The beer is a bribe for the owner of the computer I am going to use.)

It is looking distinctly like my workplace has a policy against allowing employees to use their drafting work in their portfolio, which is nonsense. I have to show what I have been doing to advance at school, and in the field. I can just picture me standing before a review board at The Boston Architectural Center explaining to a hostile jury of professionals that I actually can draft, despite having absolutely no proof. Maybe my Project Manager will write me a note.

To Whom It May Concern:

Christine is a diligent CAD monkey, well on her way to carpal tunnel syndrome. She can always be found at her desk wrapped in a giant shawl as protection against the virulent overhead vents that blow cold air on her all day. She does not even leave the computer to eat, but sits in front of it, staring wildly like a mole in spectacles. Christine is so obsessed with the walls being plumb and the gridlines actually corresponding floor-to-floor that we do not even bother to think about it anymore, we just assume she will fix it.

Sincerely, Her Keepers

Not that I am bitter.

To console myself I have made a KnitPicks order:

  • 10 50g balls of Avocado Wool of the Andes
  • 6 50g balls of Coal Wool of the Andes
  • and 2 of those funny dpn end caps that are supposed to prevent your stitches from slipping off when you're not using them.

You may laugh, but this is a real problem I have, being someone who almost exclusively uses dpns and carries projects around in her purse all day, just in case I actually secure a free moment.

Those of you familiar with the Wool of the Andes color range may be cringing at the Avocado. My only excuse here is that it's a craving I have right now. Hopefully, it will not pass until I have made the sweater and worn it for a couple years.

I think I am going to make a vest with the Coal. That is also a current compulsion. It is so frickin' cold. Where did all this winter come from? Yes, I know I said I was going to try to be Winter Person, but I am walking to work across the Fort Point Channel, where the wind is peeling the flesh off my face and hands. Maybe I can get a job somewhere closer to my apartment. In the meantime, I better start some gloves for myself, and actually get somewhere on the black alpaca basketweave scarf I started at last night's S'nB. And try not to pity myself too much. Sibling #1 lives in a trailer in Albuquerque without heat - today it's 11 degrees F there!

Maybe I should order more yarn and knit her a sweater.


Rosemary said...

The Avocado is a gorgeous color. You'll love it. :) I used to work in an architectural office, as well. You have my sympathies!

Jeanette said...

11 deg, no heat? Sounds like torture to me. When you get your wool of the andes in could you bring a skein to s'nb? I would like to see how it feels.