Friday, December 02, 2005

One, Two, Three Caps?

Today I:

  • had TWCCANYAC(B)FB* (maybe not the best acronym? Suggestions welcome!)
  • am having potato salad, Kettle chips, and two bananas for lunch (I pass a fruit stand on the way to work)
  • am feeling a little more positive about my job, but still poo-pooing the architecture profession as a whole

Since I had some time alone in the apartment last night I blocked the red alpaca/silk hat. I don't know, do you think 30 pins was excessive? I tried it on this morning, but unfortunately couldn't get a decent shot of it in the cave before heading out to that fruit stand. It's definitely a bit on the pointy side from the pins, but the crown is perfectly flat. I figure I'll send it off to Sibling #1 with a note about the pointy bits disappearing after the hat is worn for a while. You never know; it may even be true.

While we're on the subject of Sibling #1, here's picture of the hat I'm making for her little boy.

I'm making him the smaller size Seaman's Cap, since it seems like a safe bet as far as masculine (or boyish) headgear is concerned. The color worries me, though. I couldn't remember which of Sibling #1's four kids wanted something yellow, so I wasn't thinking about whether it was girl or boy yellow I should be looking for. I simply picked the one that offended me the least. It may be too pastel-y.

I have feeling that before this year is out I will have memorized the pattern for the Seaman's Cap. Ok, maybe more than a feeling. I called my dad's house last night to find out if he had received the one I made for him yet - you never know how long it'll take during the pre-holiday shipping rush - and Sibling #5 answered the phone. She informed me that not only has the hat arrived, Dad is wearing it every day (exasperated tone). "I told him it makes him look like a gangster."

I asked her if she had decided on a hat style. (She is one of the last holdouts.)

"I want Dad's hat," she said, not missing a beat,"only in pink."

Well. Okay then.

Now that's two Seaman's Caps I need to make, or rather three, because in the heady rush that followed Bob's reported satisfaction with the fingerless gloves I gave him I offered to make him a cap, too.

Anybody else want one?

Last night, I:

  • had a cheese and spinach sandwich for dinner. (Yay? That is so not pizza.)
  • drank two glasses of wine
  • told my dad that Art may yet be alive still
  • planned the downfall of my architectural education

*Toast With Cream Cheese And Nutritional Yeast With Coffee (Black) For Breakfast


Lissy said...

Hi, Christine. I finally figured out how to find your blog while I was on the road. I just clicked on your name from Emily's blog! duh!

The red hat is great. Looks more like a beret.

Christine said...

Thanks! Yeah, that's basically what it is, although the book calls it a "tam"!

Look forward to your return. See you soon.