Friday, December 09, 2005

Place Witty Title Here

Today I:

  • had bakery coffee and a slice of cold pizza for breakfast
  • walked to work in the snow, leisurely
  • have a massive headache
  • am feeling disillusioned about people, but optimistic about architecture, oddly enough
  • am only having a banana for lunch, because I am Californian and it's snowing/raining outside
  • took a gratuitous photo of my cat and uploaded it to this blog for your enjoyment

I have so many projects going on at once in my head and on my needles that I am finally breaking down and putting it all in the sidebar.

Also, in the spirit of organizing things and making it all as lucid as possible to those not initiated into the inner working of my family tree, I am going to create a reference post that lists the relevant monkeys - I mean, relations. Then you might even know who I am talking about.


They are surprisingly easy. That is, so far they're easy. I cast on some cream-colored worsted weight Lion Wool last night to make a hat for my Japanese co-worker, Kasumi. She is returning to Japan Tuesday for a couple months and was fishing around the studio for an early not-so-secret Santa who would, say, buy her an iPod. I told her an iPod was an impossibility, and that all anyone ever gets from me is knitted goods.

It just so happens she needs a hat. A hat that matches her mittens and doesn't make her head look too big.

Okie dokie, said I, but phrased in a slightly more professional manner.

I thought stockinette would be a bore, just like ribs, so I whipped out a vintage knitting magazine I have that teaches beginning techniques and has a nice section on different stitch patterns. About three different cables are covered in it, just enough to give me gist of how it's generally works out. I bought a cable needle and I am off and running with it. I think an Aran sweater would be in order after this, don't you? (I think this is a convenient point to completely forget all those X-mas presents I already need to make. Sssh! Reminders are not allowed!)

Sweater Teaser
This is a very blurry photograph of the sweater I started last weekend. Isn't it nice? I have a lot to say about the experience - which is still ongoing - so I'm going to save all that for this weekend.

Last night, I:

  • got paid!
  • got gourmet pizza delivered and pigged out
  • bought ale and pigged out
  • bought two colors of pink yarn for various X-mas projects while secretly hoping that there would be enough leftovers to make pig cosy for my digital camera
  • kind miss the pigs I've known, which is quite a few
  • decided a lot of people are pigs
  • still like you, however, because you have the good taste to read my blog


bitterknitter said...

You have such a cute kitty! I like cables, and rather enjoy using the cable needle, so will probably not ever be good at the popular cabling without a cable needle thing.

I love lists and am off to read your sidebar now!

Jeanette said...

You little boy is so handsome! The photo is adorable. The sweater back is looking good. I like the way that yarn is striping.

fiberfanatic said...

and next, you get to learn to cable withOUT the cable needle, so you don't have to interrup the rhythm as you knit! Good for you!

Jonathan said...

Ughhh, I WISH (I wasn't fired so) I could have some gourmet pizza. With those words, I thank GOD(!!!) for these neat little $4 thin-crust brick ovens imported RIGHT (no lie, haha) Italy and sold at Giants.

Thank you Giants! :-)
...NO THANK YOUS, old boss! ~~:'-(