Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh, the drama

Today I:
  • had a piece of toast with cream cheese and a cup of coffee for breakfast
  • am unwilling to brave the 17 degree F weather (not including wind chill factor)
  • am therefore skipping lunch
  • hate skipping lunch
  • just remembered I have soy milk in the office kitchen fridge
  • am going to be so caffeinated and annoyed at being hungry that I will be unbearable to be around

I need to pack a lunch.

I also need to figure out why I can't log into the scanner at work. Blast. How am I supposed to get another job if I can't exploit their resources? It isn't like I can afford a 11" x 17" color scanner at home!

I am trapped here forever. Without food.

And I am close to turning knit hats into a cottage industry here. Also giving knitting advice. I should charge. Kasumi is going to mail me a Japanese knitting magazine from Tokyo, but what is everyone else doing for me? Are they getting me lunch when they go out? No.

No hats for them.

Did I mention I have cramps? Well.

Last night, I:

  • bewailed the hopelessness of it all: Doom! Doom!
  • started a scarf to match my burgundy hat
  • had a banana and a couple baby carrots with hummus for dinner
  • didn't care enough to cook
  • chased it all with some Advil
  • realized my houseplants hate me, and are conspiring against me in an attempt to make me insane. Are they dying or not? Why are they losing leaves daily and growing prolifically at the same time? I hate my jade plant wannabee bonsai!
  • wasn't feeling particularly chipper

I think more Advil and a soy latte are in order.

Later: Oh, no! I just remembered that I still haven't eaten that chocolate-cake-mousse roll! What have I been thinking? No wonder I feel lousy. I must eat that ASAP.


bitterknitter said...

It really wasn't too bad to run out and grab lunch. It is walking to the subway that was COLD!

My plant does the same thing. It grows, then either the leaves fall off, or the cats eat them, but it keeps growing. It does help when I remember to water it and open the blinds for it to get an hour of sun!

bitterknitter said...

Ah, it is definately more windy in the N.End than where I work and where you work is way windier! I don't blame you for not going out for lunch!

Jonathan said...

Why is it that whenever we don't have lunch at work, other people bring in or order something that is just too delicous to be true. In the meantime, you're left smelling and daydreaming about whether they're goign to offer you some, buy it for you (maybe next time), or what it would be like if you had a lunch to savor.

Grrrr against hunger!
--GRRRRR @ you, hunger.